Switzerland – The Land of Chocolate and Watches!


Please enjoy this post by one of my guest contributors  -Candy Recently, I went on holiday to Wengen in Switzerland’s Jungfrau Region and discovered much to like about this beautiful, pacifist country. I ate in a revolving restaurant on top of a mountain and skied past the terrifying Eiger mountain – and I did it […]

The Ultimate Women’s Road Trip around London


London is of course a truly fabulous city. However, for women working nine-to-five in the city, it can sometimes seem to be a rather dull place to live in. The weeks can get long, while the weekends end up being ridiculously short and simply not long enough to fully recover from the week! What’s then […]

Taking Street Food to the Home Turf


Food carts, mobile vendors, and street food spots are beginning to pop up and proliferate throughout urban and even some suburban hubs. Gone are the days when going out to eat meant quietly staring at the goofy wall decorations at your local chain. Today’s eaters crave the exotic and unexpected because of The Food Network […]

The Google TV Now Has Honeycomb 3.2


In our house, it seems to be that the TV, computer, and someone’s smartphone is going at all times. You need one to watch your favorite shows and another to browse the internet and another to utilize time saving apps. But what if you could have all of those features in one place? Now you […]

Giving Your Kitchen A Facelift

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When you need to decorate your kitchen you can make small changes and purchase a few things that will give it a whole new appearance. Whether you are remodeling, building a new house or decorating your kitchen, accessories and new furniture can give your kitchen a real facelift. If you are looking for some savings, […]