101 Days of Summer Play With Banana Boat

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Summer. Sweet, warm, lazy days of summer. There really is no better time. It is the only time I can spend not only 3 months with my kids all day and all night long, but I can relax knowing I, myself, don’t have to worry about classes or deadlines. I can just hand out with my family and stay up as late as we want and enjoy our time. One of the major things about being outdoors all summer is that there is a pretty good reason to wear sunscreen. Of course there are many people who love to be tan but personally I don’t tan, I burn, and I prefer not to look aged from the sun! Also I don’t want to increase my chances at all of getting skin cancer.

This summer is so much more different than the others because I am outside every.single.day. Whether I am playing Frisbee or some sort of made up yard game with the kids, or just relaxing have a coffee, I am out there every day and honestly, it has helped my mood so much!

Banana Boat and Mom Central teamed up and asked myself and other bloggers to host a party and introduce their newest line of sunscreen, the Natural Reflect Line.

About Banana Boat natural Reflect Sunscreen:
•  100% naturally sourced mineral sunscreen active with Zinc Oxide and Titanium
•  Oxybenzone free!
•  Paraben free!
•  Gentle on sensitive and delicate skin
•  Proven effective against sunburn and to help prevent!long-term skin damage
•  Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
•  Water resistant
•  Recommended by The!Skin Cancer Foundation

I decided to host a cookout and hand out gift bags provided by Banana Boat and Mom Central that contained a bottle of Sunscreen and a Frisbee. I also decided to test the waterproof on the lotion by having the kids have a water balloon fight. The kids had a blast, and the adults did too! Water balloon fights, Frisbee and playing any kind of ball are our favorite outdoor activities!

I tend to use no less than SPF 50 on myself and kids but I am very particular on the feeling of my skin after application. This formula seemed light on my skin, not greasy it felt like it was barely there. I am used to a different brand so it was nice trying this on myself and kids.

My youngest is 3 and a half and still has baby soft skin so this little guy gets sunscreen re-applied often!

Frisbee and water balloons are just a couple of the many summer fun ideas you can see in the 101 Days of Summer Play Guide that is available for download on the Banana Boat Facebook Fan Page. You can also learn some helpful tips to keep yourself and your skin safe in the summer heat! While you are therfe you can also take the pledge like I did, to get your kids outdoors and play!

Learn More:  Visit! www.bananaboat.com or www.facebook.com/bananaboatbrand


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Banana Boat® Sun Care and received a party kit to facilitate my review, party kits to give to my guests, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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