Fall Fun with Barbie Photo Fashion Doll #BarbiePhotoFashion

My daughter has had so much fun these past couple months with her Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. She had fun getting ready for her school photos, and brought Barbie along when she carved pumpkins and went trick or treating! She really has enjoyed taking pictures with the Barbie.

Ironically, her little brother got a hold of the doll and decided to take a whole slew of photos on his own. Personally I found it adorable :) I always chuckle when she hands me the doll to get the photos from it because I just never know what pictures I am going to pull up! This time I found some pictures of her little brother, a leaf, and Farmville!

and here is a couple images straight from the doll: (the last one is really cool I didn’t edit it at all she got an awesome capture!

The editing software that comes with the doll is just adorable and  is simple enough for my daughter to use but she knows that mommy is a photographer so she leaves me to make the edits. I don’t actually edit the photos at all, I just take them off the doll and save them, and then I upload them for her and of course for use here in my photos. The screen is totally girly, you plug the barbie in and start the software and then you are immersed in a Barbie designer world. Its neat for little girls!


The included usb plugs into the back of her belt

and it is just that easy to pull the images off and save them or edit them. Now keep in mind these image are really small thumbnails and you won’t get dSLR quality photos but your daughter won’t care she will just think it is cool to see her picture on the doll’s shirt!

I think this doll would actually be a great holiday gift for a girl who loves barbies and is around 10 and up, because the ability to take photos of your friends with her is just neat! My girl still isn’t into dolls really and this is the only one she actually will play with because she loves techy stuff, like her mama :)

Buy It: You can shop for this great Barbie on the Mattel site!


This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.

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