Mornings Made Better With Big G Super Heroes

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My history with comic books dates back to 1995, when I met my then boyfriend and future husband. At first I didn’t care much that he had thousands of comic books in plastic sleeves, until one day I discovered that there were comic books where CHICKS were heroes. I was hooked after that, and have been ever since. Of course this blends over with all the movies, cartoons and t.v. series based on comic books. I love them ALL! I love them so much that when I had my first child, I asked my husband to bring me comic books to read during my recovery in the hospital!

I can’t say for sure that our kids, ages 16, 11 and 5, are avid comic book lovers simply because of the digital age. Our oldest son is a guitar prodigy and his life is music, but the younger two love books. Having just learned to read a couple months ago, our little guy wants to read EVERYTHING. When we received two cereal boxes and a hat from Big G, he saw the colorful books and went right for them! Then his sister joined him for some cereal and they both really got into reading their mini comic books! Please CLICK HERE to go to the awesome Big G Cereal Super Heroes Page to learn more about the comics!


For me, in my heart it was delightful to watch them enjoy a real paper comic book and read stories featuring their favorite heroes from The Justice League. Alyssa liked reading about how cool Wonder Woman is..maybe we have a new female hero lover in the house? Either way, I think it is great to have a little hero moment before having to face the day at school. Specially marked boxes of Big G cereals now contain four exclusive issues of DC Comic books featuring the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Available for a limited time only from now through April and hero mask cutouts on the back, so that your kid(s) can make a #SuperHeroing pose and they, too, can have a powerful moment before facing their day.


I suppose adults can use a little super hero moment before the day too but may be less reluctant to be seen in the masks :D

*I’d like to thank Big G for sponsoring today’s post , but my love for comic books and cereal is all my own!

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  1. Lorie Shewbridge says

    My boys would love that, even though they are in their 20′s.
    I adore the photos of your kids, they are so cute.

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