Blogging In Paradise Day 3 – A Dolphin Cruise And Goodbyes #brandcation #gulfcoast

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Early in the morning on Sunday, the last day of Brandcation: Bloggers Gone Coastal we were invited on a Dolphin Cruise. Most people don’t know that dolphins are my favorite animal on earth, so to be so close to them was really a bucket list item. To cross that one completely off I need to go swimming with them but I was happy anyway. I spent time talking to so many bloggers and even had a conversation with the lovely Kadi from Birthing Hip. She is a bit of a celebrity in the blogging world so I was starstruck but she is SO SO AMAZING. I told her some personal things going on and we connected and I am so grateful. As the mom of seven and dealing with problems of her own, and on television, I valued her time. And the time of the other bloggers who all knew that I was facing something and offered love and hugs. This was the last real official time would all be together since flights home would soon be happening as we docked back at the hotel. I took the time to talk to every single one of the other bloggers and snapping photos like crazy. I made mental notes of them and the memories!

(yeah this is me, totally normal camera slinger!)

Alison, Jenn, and Megan

Lynsey, Blondie (Nicole), Kim and Trisha

Blondie, trisha and Nicole

Myself and Nicole from Writespell she is the most beautiful person inside and out I love love love her

And my sister from another mother Lisa, this girl saved me that weekend and was my shoulder, and single-handedly kept me in one piece, I owe her so much!

Soon we took a group shot..

And right after this photo we started seeing the dolphins! It was just amazing! The best part is there was a mom and baby! it was so cute!

I cried to myself silently seeing them it was just so special!


After that amazing cruise we all decided to go have lunch at terrazzo again. But we took a group shot with the banner first. A couple bloggers were missing but they had early flights

I had the blackened grouper:

And the person next to me had a burger!

After this was hugs and goodbyes. Some girls went to have fun on the beach. I went to hang out with the girls I would be sharing a hotel with room later. We all stayed an extra day and had the most amazing conversations. Well they did I got a caffeine withdrawal headache so bad it nearly went to migraine stage. My feel started to swell bad that night. But still we became close in that Marriott Suite the 6 of us. I think with the headache and swelling I probably should have seen a doctor for blood pressure stuff but I survived again.

I didn’t want to go home. I didn’t want to face the relationship problems and just wanted to move to the beach. Be with the happy bloggers that all love me. I miss the happiness of this trip and I am so glad I went because I did get true happiness before my life took a nosedive. I’m not getting into that but let me put it this way, Brandcation has made me KIN to the bloggers and I am going every time there is one from now on. They are women who are married, single, divorced, unmarried, they have been through all of it and they right now are the reason I am so much stronger for my kids. The purpose of Brandcation is to foster bonding between bloggers and have fun and this was definitely achieved for me on this trip, I love those 32 women who shared their weekend with me, and right now share their hugs and shoulders even from afar.


Thank you so much to all the companies that were a part of this Brandcation and all the bloggers who worked on it to make it fun. I will see you in October at Brandcation #4: Blog Cabibn in Tennessee and can’t wait to learn about the companies sponsoring everything. I hope I have a company to sponsor me this time and share with you as well since you are absolute POWERHOUSE bloggers that have massive reaches!

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