Dreaming of Hawaii

As I sip my hot cocoa on this very chilly night, I think about paradise. What I mean is I am dreaming of some place warm and tropical, the place I want to renew my wedding vows, and that is Hawaii. My friend from High School had her honeymoon in Maui this past summer and she got to bask in the beauty for 2 weeks! I haven’t decided on the location yet but I am begging hubby to do this thing on a beach, just us and the kids. I haven’t even begun to look into logistics like where to stay. So many islands to choose from, and beautiful rental condos like the Sunset Kahili. Can you imagine how beautiful the sunsets must be there on Kauai?

Many people have told me it is very expensive to go to Hawaii but I think you could easily spend the same amount if not more visiting the theme parks in Florida or California. At least I know I would because we live in Michigan and travel costs are pretty high. But I still have a little over 3 years to plan it since we are wanting to renew our vows in the 20th anniversary year. I know Greg isn’t a big fan of warm places but I know that if we were alone, no kids, in a paradise like Hawaii that he wouldn’t care about the heat because we would be together and relaxing, taking in the beauty.

I am glad looking for lodging isn’t going to be so tough but hopefully airfare will be a bit better by then. I remember that friend that honeymooned there, it took her an entire day to fly back home to Illinois, 13 hours I believe! Was it worth it for her? I think it was, she came home with the best souvenir, a sweet baby that will be born in March!



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  1. We had our honeymoon in Hawaii – both Kauai and the big island. I loved them both so much. Kauai was amazing and we have tons of fun memories like the chickens of Kauai, tons of frogs on the beach, a big lizard in our condo, eating a Puka Dog for the first time. Getting some crazy pancakes (where the waitress gave my husband Thousand Island sauce instead of Vanilla Sauce). Lots of great memories there. I think that is where the Queens Bath is too, we hiked there for a swim.

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