Gift It Forward With Embly, and Win a Gift Card to Omaha Steaks!

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Claim Your $10 Omaha Steaks Gift Card with My Special Invite to Join Embly!

Enter to Win:  An Additional One of Five $20 Omaha Steaks Gift Cards!


We all know that the most popular gift given online is a gift card. But what if you could send that card on Facebook without having to buy it for your friend? That’s the idea behind Embly, a new social gifting service I just had a chance to try. I was sent a $10 gift card to Omaha Steaks and then I “gifted it forward” and sent 4 of my Facebook friends a gift card for free too! You won’t believe how easy and fun it is to get started. And did I mention it’s free?


I like Embly so much that I have partnered with them to offer my first 300 readers a special invite to join their service via this link: In one click, you’ll receive a $10 Omaha Steaks gift card directly from me, as well as automatic membership to Embly’s invite-only service, where you can start giving a range of FREE gift cards to your friends on Facebook from specialty food, fashion and beauty retailers, and more. Their list of retail partners is growing every day! There are many free gift cards on Embly to give and you can also buy some as well, for instance to It is so convenient to be able to just send it right on Facebook!

You might be wondering if this is for real. Yes, I guarantee it! Embly has partnered with top retailers who are spending their marketing dollars more effectively with free offers for us:  they get a visit from a new or existing customer, and you get all the credit for giving the gift to your friend!  WIN-WIN!


When you join Embly with my special invite today, and you’ll also have a chance to win one of five  grand prizes:  an additional $20 Omaha Steaks gift card from me. Mmmmm steak!  Just click my Embly gift link above. Don’t forget to like Embly on Facebook as well. You won’t want to miss an offer like this!


To enter for one of the five grand prizes: Click my gift link to become a member and claim your free $10 Omaha Steaks gift card, then come back here and let me know! (will be verified). Winners will be drawn on July 29th.

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  1. Mysti says

    Maybe I saw it incorrectly, but did the post originally say the drawing would be today, July 26, instead of what it says now, July 29?

    • says

      The original one was extended until the 29th, you didn’t see incorrectly, it was changed to allow more time since there was a delay in promotion.

  2. Mysti says

    How do we find out who won the cards? It’s a day past when the drawing was supposed to be held. Is there a list of winners?

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