Holiday Cottage – A great way to stay healthy on holiday

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When you go on holiday it’s easy to over indulge in local foods, not get enough exercise and end up returning from your trip with extra pounds on your waistline. Going on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to return ready to hit the gym – a holiday can in itself be a great chance to get healthy!

The UK is a great destination for a healthy holiday. If you are super keen to get fit then choose a rural hideaways or a health retreat to kick start you new regime. If you fancy a slightly gentler approach but still want a healthy holiday then a holiday cottage, like one from Sykes Cottages is a great option.

Most self catering holiday cottages have excellent well equipped kitchens meaning that you can prepare your own food and can stay well away from expensive and unhealthy options that can be so tempting when eating out. The UK has many places to pick your own fruit or buy it freshly picked by someone else from a local market. Is you are visiting during the summer make sure you sample healthy treats like lovely Scottish strawberries and raspberries and asparagus from the south of England.

Most holiday cottages in the UK are positioned in wonderful places for getting out in the great outdoors, like walking in the mountains of the Lake District or along the coastal paths of Cornwall and Devon. Some cottages even have indoor swimming pools or access to tennis courts –the perfect way to stay in shape on holiday. Or get your running shoes on and go out for a jog along a winding lane in the British countryside.

However you choose to spend your holiday in the UK be sure to have a great time!


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