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As we are winding down on the summer I am gathering some supplies to help aid me when I finally have the period talk with my nine year old daughter. As I have been observing her the last couple weeks, something tells me she knows more about what is coming than I think she does. Maybe it won’t be hard to talk to her after all?

Just in case, I will be armed with visual aids to help her, and me, get through this somewhat uncomfortable chat. I will have a nice little cosmetics bag filled with girly stuff like lip gloss and a brush and mirror, and also some pantyliners from U by Kotex Tween


Not that ever getting your period is fun but I do have to say the designs are kind of cute and perfect for that tween age. And the colors are pretty cool on the wrappers. I will show her how to use them and also how to dispose of them. I will make sure I don’t overload her with information, but I will make sure she is way more comfortable about having her period than I ever was.

We will also visit the Kotex resource website and watch the videos they have there of girls talking about their first periods. I think it will help her to hear this from younger kids since mom is kind of a teacher, but her age group are friends. Hopefully with all of these tools, the talk about her upcoming changes will be easier!

Our special talk is set for Labor Day weekend, before she is to start school. I am nervous. She is anxious. I am going to have her help me bake something and then during a break I am going to grab my products and show her and talk to her.

Was your mom nervous to have this talk with you?


I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

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  1. Grace says

    Hi im eleven and my mom hasnt done that for me ive got the sympotoms and im too rmbarressed to tell her ive written a note to her saying to plz pick up some supplies jic i start at scool and i listed the top 10 best pads and tampons you are sich a cool mom telling her at age nine so shell be prepared jic she starts at school one day!


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