Music Lessons to Give Your Child a Lifelong Hobby

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Music has a transcendent effect on those who listen to it. Cultures around the world have independently developed musical traditions that are crucial for their religious and cultural events; to this day, musical traditions are used to bond communities.

Further, music has been linked to better performance in school and increased cognitive abilities. There are qualified music instructors around the nation who can give your kids the benefits of learning to play an instrument. Here are a few instruments to consider.


The piano is the quintessential first instrument. The instrument is a dynamic one, and it is a great way to teach players about chords, dynamics and other important music concepts. The primary downside to the instrument is its size and cost; pianos are not portable, and a decent piano can be prohibitively expensive.

Keyboards, however, can be a good substitute. There is a large amount of piano music available, and most parents will have little trouble finding a qualified instructor.


The recorder suffers from a bad reputation, but it is, in fact, a great instrument with a long history. The predecessor of the flute, the clarinet and the oboe, the recorder was a main instrument of European music during the Renaissance and Baroque musical periods.

The best advantage of the instrument is its price; some of the best plastic recorders can be bought for under $50. Many schools use the recorder to teach children basic music skills, and the availability of Renaissance and Baroque music lets children learn a bit about the history of music. The instrument also prepares students for playing a woodwind instrument in school bands.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the Western world, and local guitar lessons from great teachers are easy to find. Further, the instrument is good at encouraging kids to continue practicing as the prospect of becoming a rock star can be a great motivator.


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