My Real #LifeLock Experience

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I have been a LifeLock ambassador for a few months now and was enjoying the feeling of knowing they are working on my side to help keep my identity safe. A couple weeks ago the phone rang and since I never answer anyone I don’t know, this should have been easy; just ignore it. BUT someone in my home answered and told them I was home.

This company claimed to be representing Verizon, and said I owed $256 for an account in 2002. I didn’t have a home phone, let alone a cell phone in 2002 so I told them they have the wrong person. The lady on the phone asked if I had ever had my identity stolen and as I said no, a trigger went off in my brain and I knew I would be making some calls.

First I called Verizon because I have a current account, and then I called LifeLock. I was not on hold at all and the rep on the phone took my information and opened an incident report, I gave him the phone number that called me and he made note of it so they raised a flag for me on my account since it was clear someone might try to get into my account soon. The rep made me feel at ease.

I am so grateful i have LifeLock service because alone I don’t have the means to stop attacks on my SSN, and having a service running that keeps track of my information makes me feel so much better!


*I have received compensation for my participation as a LifeLock Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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