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I am very lucky in that my family is near me, less than an hour away. If you aren’t as lucky as I am, and you have to travel to see your loved ones this Holiday season, make sure you keep safety in mind. Of course this definitely means to adhere to laws (don’t break the law, ya’ll!), and definitely do NOT drink and drive! (Yes, I am talking to you, that guy who says he is barely buzzed!). Bottom line, be safe because I love all my readers and I want to see your comments and love online for a long time!

There are normal safety precautions to follow when you are away from home, but have you thought about making sure your identity is safe? Many people fly a lot over the Holidays. My very good friend is leaving in just a few hours from now to visit her mom in Brazil. She has taken her precautions with her documents and will make sure she protects herself. It is a very scary thing to be in a completely new country with only two documents to prove who you are and why you are there.

For those of us traveling domestically, there are some great tips from the good folks at LifeLock, to help you keep your identity safer from those holiday Grinches who are out to take everything!

1 – Be cautious about how and where you share your travel plans especially on social media.  Don’t tell people on Facebook you are spending Christmas in Orlando. That is the biggest invitation for thieves to break into your house!

2 – Put your office address on luggage, not your home address.  This will help keep your home more secure if someone else ends up with your belongings.  I use an obnoxiously patterned ribbon and tags on all my stuff, you can’t miss it.

3 – Password lock your phone.  If your phone is lost or stolen it will minimize the personal information a stranger can access.  Also, use at least 5 characters and avoid easy to guess ones like “12345.” I am stealthy and add numbers too .

4 – Monitor bank and credit card statements for unauthorized charges.  While shopping one year I had a large amount charged in one day. It was all legit and all me but the card company had halted my card until I called and verified it was me. In hindsight I would have told them ahead of time.

5 – Contact credit card companies before traveling especially out of state or country. I always seem to need to call before I go to Chicago, and I don’t even spend a lot but they need to know. LifeLock actually had an identity alert for someone with my name in Chicago so I was glad to have the service to check into it.

For  more tips on safe guarding your identity , be sure to check out the LifeLock Facebook page, and don’t forget to play the LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes for a chance at great prizes while learning tips and facts that can help protect you from identity theft.


*I have received compensation for my participation as a LifeLock Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for those tips.
    The fifth one, which is contacting credit card companies before traveling is really the first thing I always do.

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