Their Ship Awaits: On a Cruise With Kids

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Image © Carnival Cruise Lines

Image © Carnival Cruise Lines

Planning a vacation with the kids in mind is always a hassle. Any parent will tell you that. There’s always someone who isn’t happy with either the destination or the activity. There’s just no pleasing some people… or is there? Here’s one of the secrets of the family vacation world: cruising.

Cruises are luxurious, relaxing, and fun all in one. They’re a real adventure on the seas (not the pirate kind, of course!). Kids love being on any kind of ship, and with some superb cruise deals out there, they don’t have to break the bank. You can whisk the family off to faraway lands that you’ve only glimpsed on TV, and you’ll arrive in style and comfort, see the sights, soak up the atmosphere, maybe buy some gifts and then majestically float away again. You leave the stress of long waits in airport lounges, or endless motoring and getting lost on some obscure road as you try not to let the kids hear you curse the sat nav (!), all to someone else.

There are so many activities for the children, supervised and safe, while you and your partner kick back and relax with a cheeky cocktail. The family can get together again for a sumptuous feast in one of your ship’s varied restaurants, where you can get everything from pizzas to nouvelle cuisine. Hey, even the husband will like the grub!

The kids clubs on board ships are excellent, with a program of properly planned activities and fully qualified staff. Banks of game consoles, bungee trampolining, pirate treasure hunts (what was that about pirates earlier on?!) and girlie pamper-parties — wall-to-wall fun. Moreover, because you’re on a ship, no-one can wander off and get lost. In fact, the kids will soon find their own way around better than you can!

Get a cabin with a window, or splash out on a balcony for a vista of ever-changing views. The kids will love the in-cabin entertainment, with their favorite movies beamed in.

Talking of entertainment, this is where cruises step up into the stratosphere, with music, dance, and other great acts performing for you. Family shows have something for everyone. Some cruises even run shows for kids at the same time as the ones for the adults, giving you a real break from the kids and still knowing they’re not causing mayhem (they leave that till they get home!).
Movie theaters are on board too, to catch the latest releases, or if you’re feeling energetic, join the kids in one of the on-board pools – that’s if you can drag yourself away from the sun deck! Actually, when the ship finally pulls at the end of the adventure, it’ll be a wonder if any of you can tear yourselves away!

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  1. Cruises are great for a getaway with kids! They have so many activities to offer and keep them entertained. They aren’t my favorite way to vacation and if it were just me and my husband I probably would go another route, but with kids they make the most sense!

  2. I remember the first time I had been on a ship. I was amazing because I live far from the sea, a little bit scare. I had many trips after that but I know I cant have that feeling anymore.

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