Wishing On A Money Tree

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Do you ever wish you could jut win a bunch of money? I know first hand how hard it can be logistically to have gainful employment. I mean shoot, I live in Michigan, we’ve had a recession 5 years longer than the rest of the country. And to make matters worse, personal issues happened and I don’t really have a car. I have a vehicle I can use but its not mine. The point is we all know its rough in the economy to make a mark financially. Still, there ARE ways to make money online,like blogging, being a virtual assistant, entering contests, etc. and playing games online for money. And I am just getting into entering local contests. I might only win prizes but I can sell them to earn money too so I am looking into that while I am off on summer break right now.

It still makes you wonder how people are winning these cash prizes and the lottery. I mean seems if the country was so bad off the lotto would be suffering too since most people can’t usually afford to blow $5 on tickets. Still the lotto is swelling. I even went to a casino here in Michigan a couple weekends ago and the place was packed. Either I am jaded or the economy is doing better than I thought.

There is always the various ways to win money online. I am a member of the site Online-Swepstakes and I like to enter contests that way. I have not won money prizes yet but I have won various prizes. I am pretty lucky and win a lot of stuff but have never won money. There is also places like BingoPalace that have online bingo but you can play with real money. Bingo has a soft spot for me because my grandmother used to keep me for a whole week every summer and she let me come to Bingo with her. She played for fun but when I went she won! She let me have a whole dollar each time she won and back in the 80′s, that was awesome yard sale money! I love bingo to this day because of her and play it for fun online every now and again. Someday I might actually play with real money!

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Candace Reid is the owner and author of Serendipity Mommy. She is the mother of 3 and a recent college graduate having earned her Associates Degree in Business for Hospitality/Food Service Management. Candace is a member of the American Culinary Federation and is pursuing a Food Photography business. She also loves to blog about family, food, fun and photography. Email Candace


  1. Every time we have a problem specially in business or we are jobless , we always think where to get daily allowance. wishing in a money plant is not a bad idea but we should think the positive way I mean we must create our inspiration.

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