School Lunch Idea : Bagel Sammy

Bagel Sammy Lunch

This is one I actually eat a couple times a week! Half an everything bagel with cream cheese, ham and am. cheese, Go-GURT, cheese stick and half banana. You could probably add some peanuts or a few cashews if you aren’t feeling full but I bet you will the the bagel. I love bagels.   Disclosure: […]

School Lunch Idea : Not Easy Being Green

Not Easy Being Green Lunch Idea

Another one of my Lunchbox creations for Go-GURT!! Frog shaped sammy  (choco chip eyes, licorice mouth) Go-GURT, Green Apple slices and cucumber slices! no I didn’t cut out the frog free-hand, I used a cookie cutter that I got on clearance this summer, you can use all kinds of cutters in lunches to make them interesting! […]

Wellness with Foam Rolling


Foam Rolling for the Entire Family   Exercising together as an entire family can bring a family closer together and can also encourage a family to stay healthy. When your kids are not exercising with you they may consider enrolling in yoga or joining a soccer team. However when kids participate in sports consistently, sports-related […]