Points To Remember When Buying a Cooker Online


Please enjoy this article written by contributing site supporters of Serendipity Mommy   If you’re in the market for a new cooker, then you may find yourself slightly bewildered by the variety of cookers and ovens available. Many of us now buy our kitchen equipment using online retailers and this does offer the advantage of […]

How You Should Decorate Your Child’s Nursery

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Please enjoy this article written by contributing supporters of Serendipity Mommy. For the would-be parents, ornamenting a nursery should possibly be the most thrilling activities in their family life.  With plentiful varieties of nursery themes, picking the correct choice is really a hard decision. While many people wish the nursery place to be integrated with […]

Mornings Made Better With Big G Super Heroes


My history with comic books dates back to 1995, when I met my then boyfriend and future husband. At first I didn’t care much that he had thousands of comic books in plastic sleeves, until one day I discovered that there were comic books where CHICKS were heroes. I was hooked after that, and have […]

Enjoying a family vacation in Benidorm


The following is a post contributed by site supporters of Serendipity Mommy’ When you are planning a holiday for the family there are always practical considerations to take into account but you also want to make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. One element that always has everyone in agreement, however, is […]

Obamacare Is Creating More Jobs In Certain Areas


The following post is a guest article that was contributed by site supporters of Serendipity Mommy Obamacare is creating a variety of health care jobs as a result of requiring everyone to have health insurance. As more people are able to afford visiting the doctor because of having health insurance, the demand for qualified people […]

Moving The World’s Most Expensive Piece Of Art

Image: Christie's Images, via Associated Press

Please enjoy this guest article written by contributing site supporters of Serendipity Mommy   It is quite something to spend $142.4 million (approximately £89 million) on a single work of art. Very few of us, even those with sizeable bank accounts, can ever imagine spending that much money on a painting or a sculpture. The […]