How You Should Decorate Your Child’s Nursery

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Please enjoy this article written by contributing supporters of Serendipity Mommy. For the would-be parents, ornamenting a nursery should possibly be the most thrilling activities in their family life.  With plentiful varieties of nursery themes, picking the correct choice is really a hard decision. While many people wish the nursery place to be integrated with traditional concepts like wall hangings articles, the majority prefers the trendy nursery wall decals as well as wall stickers for nursery. Needless to say, if {Read More}

Mornings Made Better With Big G Super Heroes


My history with comic books dates back to 1995, when I met my then boyfriend and future husband. At first I didn’t care much that he had thousands of comic books in plastic sleeves, until one day I discovered that there were comic books where CHICKS were heroes. I was hooked after that, and have been ever since. Of course this blends over with all the movies, cartoons and t.v. series based on comic books. I love them ALL! I {Read More}

The Best Leggings For Spring: 5 Key Looks For The New Season


Please enjoy this article written by contributing supporters of Serendipity Mommy. PS..I could totally pull off that leather look! While leggings can be something we just throw on to do the school run, for lounging around on Sunday afternoons or even for bed, they can be style items in their own right – not just clothes we put on under our dresses because our legs are cold. Here are just a few of my favorite legging styles for spring: Soft {Read More}

Enjoying a family vacation in Benidorm


The following is a post contributed by site supporters of Serendipity Mommy’ When you are planning a holiday for the family there are always practical considerations to take into account but you also want to make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. One element that always has everyone in agreement, however, is the weather and where best to find that sought-after sunshine than in Benidorm? Sandy Beaches The Costa Blanca is one of the top Spanish destinations {Read More}

Obamacare Is Creating More Jobs In Certain Areas


The following post is a guest article that was contributed by site supporters of Serendipity Mommy Obamacare is creating a variety of health care jobs as a result of requiring everyone to have health insurance. As more people are able to afford visiting the doctor because of having health insurance, the demand for qualified people grows stronger. IT professionals are also benefiting from Obamacare because health care and technology are closely linked in today’s day and age, due to apps, {Read More}

Moving The World’s Most Expensive Piece Of Art

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Please enjoy this guest article written by contributing site supporters of Serendipity Mommy   It is quite something to spend $142.4 million (approximately £89 million) on a single work of art. Very few of us, even those with sizeable bank accounts, can ever imagine spending that much money on a painting or a sculpture. The reasons vary, but a decided lack of knowledge about art in an intellectual sense, a deficit of an understanding about its investment qualities and the {Read More}

Decor that stands out


Please enjoy this guest article written by contributing site supporters of Serendipity Mommy   The workplace tends to fall into three categories: the decidedly dilapidated (and not in a chic way), the conventionally indifferent (stock chairs, stock desk, stock paintings of flowers) and the magnificently spectacular (right out of a Hollywood movie). It’s a shame that not enough consideration is given to offices, especially given that they are where most people spend the bulk of their working life based in. {Read More}

The Car Seat Mistakes You Might be Making

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Please enjoy this article filled with great tips on Car Seat Safety written by supporters of Serendipity Mommy You know you need to be using a car seat for your baby: that’s the simple part. However, the CDC states that as many as 72% of parents are not using these important contraptions correctly. That means there’s a good chance you are one of them. Of course, it’s not intentional. You do everything you can to keep your precious cargo as {Read More}