Epic Outdoor Activities You and Your Kids will Love


It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoorsy family or not, there are so many outdoor events and activities that you can go to that the entire family can enjoy. From concerts to running a 5k together, keeping your family active and healthy sure beats playing video games on a Sunday afternoon. So take out your […]

3 Tips to Creating the Perfect Outfit for a Weekend Getaway


It’s finally happening. You and the hubby are getting away for the weekend without the kids and without any responsibilities. However, instead of feeling over-the-moon excited about your upcoming getaway, the only thought that is crossing your mind is: What am I going to wear?! If this sounds like you it’s natural that you’ll want […]

Forever Young: Staying Healthy as You Age

Old Couple

Getting older can be a time for you to truly embrace your life, instead of dreading it. If you recently had a birthday and you’re starting to feel more pain in your joints and you’ve been putting off a regular workout schedule, eating healthy, and putting down the cigarettes, don’t procrastinate any longer. It’s time […]

A Busy Mother’s Guide to Time Management


From getting everyone ready for school to preparing dinner at night, the job of a mom is never done. As rewarding as being a parent is, it goes without saying that sometimes it can be downright chaotic. You wake up, get everyone ready, take them to school, go to work, pick them up from school, […]