Obamacare Is Creating More Jobs In Certain Areas


The following post is a guest article that was contributed by site supporters of Serendipity Mommy Obamacare is creating a variety of health care jobs as a result of requiring everyone to have health insurance. As more people are able to afford visiting the doctor because of having health insurance, the demand for qualified people grows stronger. IT professionals are also benefiting from Obamacare because health care and technology are closely linked in today’s day and age, due to apps, {Read More}

The End is Near


Dramatic title, eh? As I type this, I am one final exam away from being a college graduate. By Monday afternoon I will have fulfilled over 66 credits to earn my Associates in Business for Hospitality/Food Service Management with specialization in Culinary Artistry. What does this really mean? Funny you should ask, as my math prof asked me the same question today. I majored in this field because I have the desire to become a chef. What I never had {Read More}

College Students: Why Buy Textbooks When You Can Rent?


I feel like a seasoned career student, for as long as I have been in college. But I know I do have a tendency to rush and buy all my books before classes start. Well that changed this semester because I got tired of being burned in my wallet due to buying a book when I didn’t need to. Case in point; I bought an anatomy book that was over $200 only to find out I didn’t need to buy {Read More}

Making My Jobs Easier with Microsoft Office 2010


As a college student entering her senior year of a business degree program, I can tell you that there is no other program I use more than Microsoft Office. (Unless you count my photo editing software of course!) I even had to take a course in college as part of my degree and at the time we had to learn and use Office 2007. Not a problem, since at that time I was already using the same version at home. {Read More}

Back To School – Eddie Bauer Backpacks and Messenger Bag

_DSC2229 copy6

As I get ready to enter my last year of college, it has become time to start Back To School for my kids too. The first thing we usually concentrate on is the bags. I knew I needed a bag this year since I didn’t have a proper laptop bag (and my laptop is heavy!) and the kids got new bags as well. Eddie Bauer, trusted name in fashion and accessories for many years, asked me to try some bags! {Read More}

Works of Art with Sharpie {Giveaway}


I am a closet Sharpie collector. I have many, and they come in handy with both my college projects, home projects, and school projects for my kids. Recently, we were asked to review the new Brush Tip and Metallic Fine Point Sharpie markers. With Back to School in full swing the timer was perfect. We also just happened to be working on another feature using a laminating machine so it was perfect. The first thing I thought about was book {Read More}

One More Year


Two semesters to be exact. I just registered for my 7th semester at college. Gone are the days of fun cooking classes and learning more about food. I am on my own now, I either have to study on my own time or work somewhere if I want to cook again. Considering I don’t want to work in a restaurant at this time it might be hard to get training as a personal chef. At any rate, food classes are {Read More}

Edius 6 Video Editing Software Review


Since this is a blog and not all about advertising, I’d like to take the time here to introduce myself a little and help you understand how important this kind of stuff is to me.  I’m sure there are many people who feel strongly about the pictures they take, and get excited about using Photoshop, and surely blogging itself is very rewarding and personal.  I not only think creating video is fun and interesting, but I have been touched and {Read More}