Curried Lentil and Eggplant Salad

We’ve had an unusual hot streak in Michigan for March, meaning we topped 85 degrees! We don’t start seeing that number until the end of June! I was in search of a good Spring recipe for this post and found a recipe for an eggplant salad. I tried it once and liked it but then put my own flavor into it and LOVED it. Who knew spices were so nice in spring? This salad is perfect for a spring meal, {Read More}

Easy, Breezy, Caprese

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice and light salad! Caprese salad has been around for a very long time, and its so easy there is no need for a formal recipes! And look how nice it photographs, I was pretty surprised when I pulled this image off my memory card! All you need is: Tomatoes (organic heirloom taste the best!) FRESH mozzarella Fresh Basil Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Olive Oil Slice your tomatoes {Read More}

Stuffed Tomatoes Chinoise

After the urging of many comments and friends, Here is the long awaited recipe for the Stuffed Tomatoes Chinoise. I can’t seem to find the pronunciation and the closest I got was Chinois (shin-wah) which is also known as a strainer, but that is not quite it so I deduce that chef Ian made the name. I will have to ask him I suppose! Ok so before I get to the recipe, the most important thing I want to stress {Read More}