Confession: I am a Hoarder…A Photo Hoarder That Is

This is the first photo I took with my first dSLR, a Nikon d50.

At first I didn’t know what started my obsession with keeping photos. It started long before I became an actual photographer. No, this problem began around the mid-2000′s decade. When digital imaging started to get better. However we could never afford a decent camera and the Megapixels still weren’t great then. Which means most of the photos I have of my daughter are hard copy. And all of the young photos of my oldest are hard copy, some even scrapbooked. {Read More}

A Tuesday Surgery #Troop8X #HTC8

He didn't let me move for a second, he needed me more than anything in the world.

The surgery was planned way before I got my new Windows 8X phone to test out, but this phone came in very handy on Tuesday, January 29th as we took our 4 year old son to the hospital for outpatient dental surgery under general anesthesia. I got photos of his journey, and was able to update Facebook so his prayer warriors knew he was okay. I was grateful to not only have a phone with a great camera but also {Read More}

Taking Your Photos To The Next Level : Photoshop Elements 11

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Box

Unless you are a new visitor, or you have been living under a rock, you know that this blog is super heavy and bursting with beautiful photography. While this is not a brag, I can tell you that my photographs have led me to paying jobs. And though I am not professional yet, I do have my favorites for my craft and they are my Nikon D90 and my Adobe products. I have Lightroom 2 (need to upgrade!) and most {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday – Back To School


Back To School; Making Memories with Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator


I happen to have a little boy who is not yet four but also will be homeschooled this year for prep into Kindergarten for next year. When Mom Central asked for bloggers to try the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator I jumped at the chance because I had so many ideas! First was the obvious.. flash cards! He knew all the pictures and letters right away, and he likes carrying them! I am going to paper punch a hole in them {Read More}

Food Blogging Resource Books ; For Dummies and Plate to Pixel


Never in my life has a more perfect review been placed before me. I am currently building up my portfolio for my soon to be food photography business but wanted and needed some help trying to BLOG it all. I can take amazing photos, but my writing could use a lot of help. I was sent a great set of books to help me get started. For me, becoming a food professional and starting to gather my portfolio for food {Read More}

The Other Guy

My Sweet Aiden Instagram

  So there’s this guy I know, he’s on the short side but has the most amazing big brown eyes, breathtakingly long eyelashes, the sweetest smile, and his hair makes the most adorable curls when he is all sweaty. He is a sensitive guy, loves his mama dearly, and requires and least 7 hugs and 2 kisses a day. I have fallen pretty hard for this guy, he has stolen my heart…please don’t tell my husband

Wordless Wednesday – Lady In Red

Me and the Lincoln