Coloring Animal Mandalas: My Zen Moment


For my entire adult life, I have had a secret stash of crayons and coloring books that I pull out when I need an escape. There is just something so theraputic about concentrating on staying in the lines..or not. Then along comes a coloring book that is perfect for adults, Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy […]

Wusthof Chai Dao 7 Inch Hollow Edge Knife


There are few things I get excited more about as a chef than a brand new knife, ESPECIALLY when that knife comes from Wusthof! If you have read a few of my culinary reviews and past culinary school stories you will know that 99% of my knife kit is now Wusthof. I am brand loyal […]

Office 365 Review and Giveaway

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As a blogger I use at least one Microsoft Office product every single day, and in my other part time job I use Excel for almost everything so I am very very well versed in the programs. Also when I was in college we had to take an office suite course to get a degree […]