Diaper Cakes – Such A Cute Baby Gift!

I have an old friend I have known since high school who is very quickly having a baby shower for her second child, a girl! Her oldest is a boy and is around ten years of age. She for sure could use some girly stuff for baby Ava so I am getting her one of these adorable diaper cakes from eDiaperCakes.com because we all know we need diapers like crazy for newborns and I love how cute they are with {Read More}

Not Your Average Baby Blanket: Fill In The Blankie

Last year around this time, I visited my friend’s blog for the first time and ended up reading the whole thing! One of her posts was of her then baby boy holding the cutest personalized blanket, from a company called Fill In The Blankie. This company offers super soft and luxurious blankets for babies and more. Its quite simply the perfect baby gift. My son Aiden never really had anything personalized a baby but since he is only three, when {Read More}

Step 2 Grill & Play Patio Cafe Review and Play and Shade Pool Giveaway

Having only one little guy who is too scared to go on the big water slide presented a problem of entertainment for our toddler. We needed something to keep him busy so he wasn’t getting in the way of the older kids having fun outside. Step 2 asked of they could send the Grill & Play Patio Cafe and the Play and Shade Pool for Aiden to review and I  said yes, because it was the perfect solution. Ya’ll know {Read More}

A Bargain Stroller That Rivals the Big Guys

I have had the chance to review a few strollers over the course of raising the tornado toddler that is now just 3 months away from turning 3 years old. If you have read my old reviews you know there is a specific list of items that must be present for me to use the stroller; its got to be light and fold compact, comfortable for the kid and has to have a place to hold my keys and phone {Read More}

AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers Review & Giveaway

I loooooove cloth diaper reviews. I love the fact I get to share the soft squishyness with my readers. I keep it simple when I say I use cloth because it costs less for me, its better for my kid’s skin AND its cute! I’ve done a few reviews and though I have a great stash of work horse bumGenius diapers, they are a bit too bulky for a toddler running around in the day time, so I am been {Read More}

The First Years .miSwivel Feeding Chair Review and Giveaway

There is a special place in my heart for the folks at Learning Curve. They have worked with me before and I love the products the have. And they are serious about making like easier for me. Learning curve asked me if I would review the new .miSwivel Feeding Chair and I said sure! After all I love saving SPACE and this is one of those items that does that. What it does is not only swivel around with the {Read More}

A Big Step For Small Feet – Vincent Shoes Review & Giveaway CLOSED

I’ve reviewed a few different brands of shoes on this blog, especially with Aiden, pretty much since he started walking at 14 months. At first he needed soft soled shoes so he could learn to walk okay and then as he got older and developed more, he needed a little more structure. He really needed a shoe that lent itself to the shape of his foot for natural movement. Vincent Shoes stepped up to the plate and allowed us to {Read More}

Take a Hike! Kelty Backpack Carrier Review

We have a pretty large backyard with some woods. There is a lot of walking and exploring that can be done at our home. We also have a 20 month old toddler who runs so we needed a solution to talk with him in the wooded terrain and we needed a backpack carrier. Kelty is a company of great outdoor items including camping tents, sleeping bags, all terrain strollers and more. Kelty sent me the FC 3.0 Backpack Carrier to {Read More}