Don’t Fear The Cleanup : EASY-OFF® Fume Free Oven Cleaner #easyoff


As much as I don’t like my kitchen or appliances, I have to thank my oven because all of the recipes on this blog pretty much were made with it. It isn’t pretty but it works. As such, it needs cleaning more often because as a budding pastry chef, I bake a lot more than a regular chef. Okay let me be honest here, I am one of those chefs that can cook AND bake. What it boils down to {Read More}

Mealtime Made Faster With Wolfgang Puck’s Pressure Oven

raost in pressure oven

I have cooked food with just about every method there is; open fire, propane grill, electric, natural gas, microwave (ew) induction, convection, and now pressure cooking. I was asked to try the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven and had no problem saying YES. When it arrived I squealed at the box, giddy with excitement! This oven is different from a toaster oven. This oven uses pressure to infuse flavor and cook in half the time. I decided the best test for {Read More}

An Easier Way to Deal With Grease: Easy Greasy


We all love the chore of draining meat. Oh wait, we don’t? OF COURSE NOT. For me personally it sucks. We have a well and septic so we don’t get to have a garbage disposal. That means all the grease has to go in the trash. I usually end up melting my bag with the hot grease and always losing some big chunks! Not anymore, not with the Easy Greasy! This nifty invention, invented by a mom in Baton Rouge, {Read More}

Panasonic Jetforce Vacuum MC-UL427 Review


Having reviewed six or seven vacuums over the past 2 years or so, this family has come to know exactly what they want in a vacuum. Power and lightness. Let’s face it, nobody really loves a vacuum that weighs 70 pounds! We recently had the chance to try the Panasonic Jetforce Vacuum MC-UL427. Its a pretty snazzy purple color which I find to be almost as sassy as me And with the holidays being here and my semester over, I am {Read More}

Clearing Chaos: Martha Stewart Home Office Accessories from Avery {GIVEAWAY!}

1011121245a copy3

Ok this review is going to start with some truths; Truth is I run THREE different jobs from my desk, blogging, college and a hair bow making business. Another truth is that my desk is never clean for more than a week. With products coming in all the time and little space I need organization. Avery asked me to try out the beautiful Martha Stewart Home Office accessories to help clear my chaos just a little… Here is what they {Read More}

Pretty Bedding from Beyond-Bedding


I have worked with Beyond-Bedding on a piece where I reviewed a luxurious suede like comforter set. I just love it. I was delighted to be able to browse the Kids Bedding and get some new bedding for my daughter to review, she hasn’t had new bedding in 7 years! We chose the Song Bird design: The 4 piece set came with the comforter, sham, skirt, and valance. Now my daughter is in bad need of a full bedroom makeover {Read More}

Engraving Beautiful Memories – Etching Expressions Personalized Wine Bottle {Giveaway!}


My best friend from high school recently got married. My husband was the videographer and I ran the rehearsal and the wedding itself, and helped out a bit at the reception. It was a beautiful wedding, very busy day, but the one thing I remember most is giving her the big wedding gift at her bridal shower. My friend is a massive wine lover. She is not a lush, she just enjoys wine, her kitchen is entirely decorated in an {Read More}

Vegan Sesame Stir Fry with Bialetti Aeturnum Cookware


I have reviewed lots of cookware on my blog since starting my culinary journey so many moons ago. Its on of the best perks of being the food blogger and culinary school graduate that I am. I like to think that moms reading this blog want to know my professional opinion because I have used crappy cookware and nice cookware and I like to share what works well for me to give me professional results at home! Enter Bialetti Aeturnum {Read More}