We Survived The Scorching Summer with Nerf and Super Soaker!

This is the hottest summer I can remember. Days upon days of temps in the 100’s. I couldn’t let me kids play in that kind of heat but when it dipped into the 90’s I shoved them outside and handed them some Super Soaker water blasters and a dart blaster!   Nerf Super Soaker Electro Storm– Aiden liked this, the smallest one so much he sort of claimed it! But in a way it is perfect for his bitty hands. {Read More}

Growing Without The Garden : EarthBox

Ok, so you have been following this garden event for a month now and you are interested but for some of you, what stops you, is SPACE. For this I offer the solution of using a container! There are a lot of different kinds of containers but for this event we wanted to try the EarthBox, which is a kit that you put together and its not just dirt. Its a tray that has water underneath and has a built {Read More}

Make a Whimsical Raised Garden with M Brace

If you’ve got some wood laying around and want to make a quick raised bed garden frame without needing a hammer, look no further than the easy solution of using the M Brace system from Art of the Garden! Quite simply they are steel corner pieces with slots to simply slide the wood in, no nails!and they have whimsical cutouts to add flair to the design, and they are also going to develop a great patina from being weathered over {Read More}

All Purpose Lawn Cart from Plow and Hearth

I am blessed to have a very large yard and back woods. However one drawback to that is when I started my garden I knew I would have to walk a distance to get from my greenhouse to my garden. I also knew I needed something to mix my dirt in for making my seedlings. I decided to use the All-Purpose Lawn Cart that Plow and Hearth sent me to do just that. In case you haven’t heard of Plow {Read More}

Sport-Brella Chair Review & Giveaway!

You all remember the review I did recently for Sport-Brella for their awesome umbrella right? Well the company liked my review so much that they asked me to review their Sport-Brella Chair and I of course said yes! Its a portable folding chair and has a versatile umbrella that attaches to it, and its got that same great UPF 50 protection that the regualr umbrellas have. It comes in the handy carrying bag with handle And then its just a {Read More}

Protection From The Weather – Sport-Brella Review and Giveaway!

As you all know its the blazing days of summer and the sun is HOT! With skin cancer on the rise more and more people are starting to get better at protecting themselves from the suns harsh rays. The people at SKLZ have created and SPF 50 giant umbrella, called the Sport-Brella, to aid us in shielding ourselves from the sun! We were sent a Sport-Brella to review: It literally opens up just like a regular umbrella but the bottom {Read More}

Great White Wild Slide Review and $100 GC Giveaway from Hayneedle! CLOSED

When I think of summer I think of water fun. This summer takes the cake with fun. The wonderful folks at Hayneedle sent my family the Great White Wild Slide by Blast Zone for review… Here’s the video I made showcasing it: This slide, as with other Blast Zone slide works on continuous air. It comes with its own blower, grounding stakes, and carrying case for storage. You pretty much unroll it, plug it in, blow it up, stake it, {Read More}

Summer Fun with the Phd Pocket Disc

What is the Phd Pocket Disc? Its like a frisbee only made with 100 percent cotton straight from Guatemala, crocheted by hand (under fair trade conditions!)! You can tell too they are weaved beautifully! Phd sent us some discs for review during the Staycation Event! At first glance I thought no way that thing will fly, its full of holes! But not only did it fly but it flew just as far if not farther than a real frisbee. And {Read More}