Cinco de Mayo Drink Recipes with Sandra Lee Margaritas


There’s no better excuse for a warm-weather party than Cinco de Mayo, so why not wrangle your friends together to enjoy America’s favorite cocktail – the Margarita! This year, Emmy-winning host Sandra Lee is making it even easier on you to host “cocktail time” with her NEW ready-to-serve margaritas that are not only delicious, but gluten-free and fewer than 150 calories per 4 oz. serving. Sandra Lee’s Cocktail Time™ Margaritas in Key Lime and Strawberry are infused with REAL key {Read More}

Dinner Made Fast And Easy With McCormick Skillet Sauces


With all of the activities busy families do every day, it gets really easy to just gloss over a dinner and order out. There are those “just add” type of dinner kits but many of those contain more salt than you want or lack flavors. Okay they have flavors but come on, they are boring!! I know I am in the minority when it comes to wanting gourmet dinners because I’m a trained chef but at home, I am MOM {Read More}

Breakfast In A Rice Cooker? SAY WHAT??? #RiseAndShine


Okay I know you are looking at me like I have 3 heads but I am serious! Even I had my reservations on this because I make my husband a giant omelette every day before he goes to work and I didn’t want to mess that up. But I gave it a whirl and took the Panasonic #RiseAndShine Better Breakfast month challenge and made breakfast in the Panasonic SR-DF101 Rice Cooker that was sent to me to try out. As {Read More}

Not Just Any Tailgating Sausage – Kayem Artisan Sausages


I generally will try anything once when it comes to food, so when Kayem asked me to try their sausages I was all over it! They sent me a kit with sausages and also an apron and ladle (I think for gumbo since they sent Andoiulle) Flavors they sent were: Pineapple Bacon, Andouille, Fire-roasted Pepper Jack, Sweet Pepper Provolone and Sweet Sausage I didn’t know what I wanted to try first but I grilled up the pineapple bacon and the {Read More}

Grown Up Twists on Summer Treats

Limoncello Pops

I was contacted a few weeks ago and was asked to posts some great recipes for summer treats. I was even sent a bottle of the Hob Nob Pinot Noir and the Villa Massa Limoncello to sample and make the recipes. I wanted to talk about those two since I actually tasted them. Well one of them anyway. My husband is a wine guy and he tried the Hob Nob. He is a fan of Pinot so I knew he {Read More}

Remington – Icoffee Steambrew Coffee Maker

iCoffee Steambrew Machine

The only machine that puts out strong coffee for me! Remington – Icoffee Steambrew Coffee Maker There is only one coffee maker in the world that took me from using a single serve machine. This machine puts out real, nice strong coffee that is not watered down in flavor at all. I was sent this machine about a year ago for review, after I had attended the International Home and Housewares show in Chicago. I was hooked from the first {Read More}

Mealtime Made Faster With Wolfgang Puck’s Pressure Oven

raost in pressure oven

I have cooked food with just about every method there is; open fire, propane grill, electric, natural gas, microwave (ew) induction, convection, and now pressure cooking. I was asked to try the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven and had no problem saying YES. When it arrived I squealed at the box, giddy with excitement! This oven is different from a toaster oven. This oven uses pressure to infuse flavor and cook in half the time. I decided the best test for {Read More}

Celebrating World Coffee Day with Ethiopia Coffee {$25 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway}

Starbucks Ethiopia Lifestyle Close-up

Today is World Coffee Day and I am going to just take a second to share with you this delicious coffee that I was recently sent from Starbucks called Ethiopia coffee. Ethiopia is significant because that is where coffee originated from, and it is still central to the Ethiopian heritage to this day. From the moment I opened the bag and sniffed I was taken over by the lovely, delicious aroma. And when the dark, rich color beans came out I {Read More}