The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day – SOL Republic MASTER TRACKS Interchangeable Over-Ear Headphones (X3)


SOL Republic MASTER TRACKS Interchangeable Over-Ear Headphones are very good quality (hi-end) headphones. Being an audio engineer, I couldn’t help but think maybe these were the latest way to master audio recordings, but they are more for the average listener who demands an amazing music listening experience. I decided to mixing a few tracks (both […]

I’m Having An Affair With A Galaxy Note 3


It started innocently enough. Verizon has been having me test out devices for months but this time I didn’t have a clue which device was headed my way. I knew it was probably one of the big screen phones I discussed with my man, β€œAL”. I opened the package and saw that wooden box with […]

Droid Ultra VS. Droid Maxx


I am about a week or so away from a phone upgrade. As much as my Windows Phone gets the job done, I am just still not happy with the selection of apps compared to other systems. My awesome Verizon rep sent me a couple phones to compare, the Droid Ultra and Maxx. As you […]

SOL REPUBLIC DECK Wireless Speaker

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This slim looking portable speaker from SOL Republic comes in four colors, for any personality or situation. Gunmetal works great for the home office or any living room. Lemon Lime will probably be a favorite for those that want to take this to the beach or other outdoor fun spots, should be easy to locate […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone Review #Verizon


Having been a user of a Windows Phone since last January, I am most definitely no stranger to the operating system. While I have nothing horrible to say about Windows Phones, I do have an opinion on the devices. I received my first Windows Phone last year as part of another blogger program. Back then […]

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speaker Review #MC #SoundSpot

Soundfreaq Bluetooth Speakers

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review. Being married to a man who went to school for audio engineering, I am no stranger to what good sound should sound like. Sadly, that sound just can’t be attained with my […]

Droid Ultra with Verizon 4G LTE Review


I’ve had the pleasure of testing out a few phones ever since I became a blogger. From when I was a Midwest Mom right up until now, I have been fortunate to be invited to try different Verizon powered gadgets. But so far no phone has captured me quite like the Droid Ultra. With its […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review


I have found a new love, a love called the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Verizon asked me to check it out for a couple weeks and let them know what I thought of it. As someone who spends many hours behind a camera, I tend to be a little picky when using a camera other than […]