Back To School – Eddie Bauer Backpacks and Messenger Bag

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As I get ready to enter my last year of college, it has become time to start Back To School for my kids too. The first thing we usually concentrate on is the bags. I knew I needed a bag this year since I didn’t have a proper laptop bag (and my laptop is heavy!) and the kids got new bags as well. Eddie Bauer, trusted name in fashion and accessories for many years, asked me to try some bags!

For Mom : Campus Explorer Messenger Bag

I bought a bag about 4 years ago because it was on clearance. I regret it because it truly is horrible for school. This new bag, has me swooning to the point that I occasionally pet the suede bottom. It has all the room for books and other school items like a backpack. SO MUCH room.

Padded strap, which becomes important when you literally have to walk across the entire campus. The style is awesome too. Its a “big girl” bag, not butterflies and teeny bopper like my old one.

Another great feature, the laptop compartment is separate and padded, meaning I don’t have to open the entire bag to pull out the laptop. Everything in these bags has a label, which I think is pretty neat

This is a bag I am most DEFINITELY going to use for travel for my blog as well, its roomy enough for a weekend carry-on for a quick brand trip.


For Teen Son : Scout Backpack

My son is super picky about his backpack. Mostly he doesn’t like them, the new trend is those support-less drawstring backpacks. This bag, the Scout, is one of the most roomy bags I have ever seen. The color is, well, green. My husband LOVES this bag, it is his favorite color, and said he is stealing the bag for when we travel overnite. My son says the straps are very comfortable. Honestly I hope that means he will use it because in 9th grade, the textbooks get super heavy!

That’s a 2 inch zipper binder!

For Tween Daughter: Adventurer Backpack

I love that my girl loves purple. Sure I want her to love pink but she is spunky and a bit tomboy. She absolutely loved this bag when it arrived.


Colors aside, I have never been so happy with compartments. She had to have a mesh pocket for her water canteen and it was the first compartment we found. Inside the compartments multiplied.

There was a padded compartment in the back for a laptop (she will have one someday) and it is accessible from the top zippers AND a side zipper. Then there is a large compartment for books, and the formost compartments are for things like pencils, erasers, rulers etc. Another feature I love is the padding at the back. If my daughter decided she really doesn’t need this much bag, I would have no problem using the backpack for college on days I don’t need a laptop!

On all three of these bags, the number one thing I love about them is the zippers. They are big and RUGGED. These bags were built to last for years and that is very important!

Buy it: You can find these bags and many others on the Eddie Bauer Website or!

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    Great reviews for what sound like great products! Finding a good college backpack can be a real pain, but the one you reviewed here sounds like the perfect match for any college student! That boys backpack looks like it will fit anything a silly boy might want to take to or from school, and that girls backpack is super cute and super functional! Fantastic products from Eddie Bauer that I cannot wait to try out for myself! Thanks!

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