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Ok so I don’t even have 15 seconds of fame but probably ten. Today I attended a meeting at college that was an open forum for students and faculty to ask questions to clear the air about the program cuts. The reporter made a bee line for me as I was leaving the meeting and asked me for an interview and without hesitation I said yes though I am usually never ever the one to be in a spot of attention. Apparently the story i told when i asked my question struck a chord with her and she wanted to learn more. As you know I have been a dedicated supporter to save my program, which specifically is the CULINARY sector of the Hospitality Program. The main thing is that the program across the board makes plenty of money and never has low enrollment. We just need a new kitchen and accreditation. I can say that a college educated person should be asking people that work in the industry, how they can build a kitchen and not go broke. That means when you get information, it should come from someone in the program that GOES SHOPPING FOR REAL ESTATE AND EQUIPMENT. I mean its common sense to ask for an itemized list to prove it can be done. And I know it can.

My biggest beef? I can’t go to a different college because being a lower income family we only have one car and my husband also attends the same college as I do. His program is in no danger of being cut. And I refuse to go anywhere that doesn’t have my current instructors. You can have a 10 million dollar facility but without really good instructors the money spent is wasted. And I can’t afford the 30-40k a year tuition for a higher institution.

Community colleges are supposed to be for the community and help vocational programs. The aim is to get people working. How is that possible when the only other college near is a 4 year university and they don’t have a culinary program. So really the only solution is a new kitchen and continued classes. Of course there are more politics behind what I am saying that I won’t bore you with right now but as someone who is shy I have really stepped into an avocational role for my program, because its my heart and soul.

And oh yeah, the reason they turned the camera back on me at the end when they said some are willing to pay more to keep the program? I told them that, the reporter asked how one could keep the program and be fiscally responsible, I said I would be willing to pay a little more, because the program and instructors are worth it.

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  1. That’s pretty cool! I love that they were actually asking how to keep the program AND keep it fiscally responsible. Not an easy task.

  2. awesome! good job expressing your feelings and opinions

  3. This was really cool! Good for you for speaking out. Accreditation is going to be the big one!

  4. btw i really love your chicken picture.

  5. LOL Thanks Trisha I love that picture its my most favorite food one because I could eat that every day its so good!

  6. That’s so awesome! I’m really proud of you for standing up for what you’re passionate about!

  7. That’s really cool you were on TV! Good Job speaking up for something important to you

  8. Wow! Good for you to step up to the plate and nail it! I hope your interview spurs on the changes you hope for.

  9. Look at YOU!! I could tell from your short interview how passionate you are about this program and I am anxiously awaiting their decision to keep it!

  10. thats really cool! I sure hope they listen and things work out for your program!

  11. JoeyfromSC says:

    really cool!! I also love your new blog design(I was away a while lol) and I love the new “foodie” theme:) Will you still do giveaways?

    • YES Joey I will have some but not like in the day…I have a hige garden event coming the whole month of April and its a HUGE prize pack..HUGE!

  12. JoeyfromSC says:

    and yes, the chicken pic has me drooling haha

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