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What inspires you? I am constantly and I mean 98% of the time reading or watching something relating to food. I am not quite done with my culinary stuff but I have wondered one thing. Where do the good ones get that inspiration to create something from nothing?

I was watching Junior Masterchef Australia earlier today and these KIDS..they were told they had to cook something and were putting together 3 and 4 star dishes and plates. KIDS. And there are plenty of people that I work with all the time that can just look at mystery pile of ingredients and know EXACTLY what they are going to make with it. Am I a defective cook? I can keep up in class, my food in general tastes good but when am I supposed to automatically KNOW and create?

I think its an artist trait, someone who has literally spent endless hours doing nothing but being creative. Or someone that has spent so many hours working in food service that its almost second nature to just know what to make. AND make it beautiful. I haven’t had either of those I have been a stay at home mom most of my adult life thus far. I am not trying to be someone I see on Iron Chef, I am going to evolve into my own chef. I am not going to be anything that someone TELLS me I should be. I am going to ride on my confidence and know that in time I am going to be awesome.

But at the same time I feel like something is missing in this culinary equation, and I am beginning to think its because I need to be out working or volunteering somewhere. Maybe its because I really do crave that praise when I have done well. I do like to impress with my cooking and lately its lacking motivation and inspiration. I’d blame personnel at school but really I am cooking for ME not them. I should put n my big girl panties and kick my confident stubborn streak in high gear and prove that my passion is worth witnessing. Its really funny that a group of 50 little junior chefs in Australia inspired me to work harder. To take in more. And to determine what parts of my life is taking the time away from reaching the point of knowing exactly what to make. And I WILL know what to make. One day…

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