Let The Competition Begin!

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Culinary competition that is! Last night was the first meeting of practice for culinary competition in April. to be specific, the competitions are sanctioned by the ACF, The American Culinary Federation, of which I am proud to be a member. And it seems like a smart move because I am at the beginning of my culinary education and to get possibly 5 competitions under my belt before I graduate will make testing for being a chef much easier. Sounds complicated but really it isn’t. The ACF is the only organization in the United States that can actually certify chefs. What that means is you can’t graduate from college and call yourself a chef, you have to test for it. Much like the Bar exam in law. For the ACF they offer points to get you to that goal. You earn points by attending conferences or competing in competitions etc.

Last night we finalized our menus, I am competing in 5 course. Its strange because the rules changed and they took out the dessert and instead have 2 appetizers. Seems really strange though, not to have a dessert course. I will reserve my menu for privacy purposes until closer to the competition, because while everyone can get a gold I don’t want to help the competition. I will say my main course is pork :)

I am so excited for the competition. It’s in Cincinnati, and I think we may plan to stay a couple days because chef says there is a fantastic place in Kentucky we have to check out. In the meantime WE NEED MORE FUNDRAISERS. Our plan? TRUFFLES. They sell like hot cakes and I think its a fantastic idea and we need to get started right away.

I brought cookies to the meeting last night and cooked dinner for the guys. Yeah I was the only girl that showed. I am cool with that. I am reliable and show up, that’s a good sign!

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    Thanks so much for your kind words ladies! I talk about food so much to my husband that I think he has gone deaf, so having some friends here that truly enjoy what I am sharing makes me feel so much better!

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