Making My Jobs Easier with Microsoft Office 2010

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As a college student entering her senior year of a business degree program, I can tell you that there is no other program I use more than Microsoft Office. (Unless you count my photo editing software of course!) I even had to take a course in college as part of my degree and at the time we had to learn and use Office 2007. Not a problem, since at that time I was already using the same version at home. I breezed through the class as expected. I did learn some new things, though. When I was recently asked to try Microsoft Office 2010I said OH YEAH, not only was it perfect timing with Back To School but I would need to use it a lot, so I could test it and see what was “new” as it pertains to my experience with the previous version. Office 2010 Home and Business has the same great programs as it’s predecessors, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Note. In writing this piece I realized I use every single one of those programs every single day!

Excel 2010

As with the other versions, this one is very much like the others in the general layout, but the interface is cleaner, or what I would say, has had a facelift as the colors are pleasing. It is also intuitive meaning if there is another office program open, and my Outlook is ALWAYS open, it will detect the spreadsheet attachments. The main different to me is the save menu, which honestly is better looking too.

Outlook 2010

This program is something I use constantly to pull all of my email accounts into one program. It may not have all the bells and whistles of a fancy email program but it is definitely fast. And also smart, because certain emails come to me with a date or deadline and Outlook puts them into my calendar automatically. I can also make a list of tasks in the program and get reminders. It runs the same as the older version but I found the auto correct to be WAY more responsive!

Word 2010

Word is another program I use almost daily, and many, many of my class assignments, schedules and syllabi come in Word format. One thing I notice about the 2010 version is that it seems much more like a presentation creator, with pizzazz than just a word processor. I actually ENJOY making school presentation and notes using the software. It is also really lovely on the eyes and the toolbar is much more user friendly.

Power Point 2010

This program is just way to perfect for students. Heck, we have a lecture every week that uses this program! I have used it for many presentations at college and I most definitely will be using it for at least three this semester. This program adds the visual and audio element to make your presentations stand out. The 2010 version is streamlined and again has that pretty makeover so it is easy on the eyes. It is hard to convey on a blog how nice it is to look at software that doesn’t hurt your eyes or is impossible to learn because it is too complex. Microsoft definitely did a good thing in making all the toolbars user friendly so we don’t have to search through screens anymore to find what we need. I love it.

OneNote 2010

What kinds of things can you do with OneNote? Lots of things! I use it to write notes on my phone, laptop and PC and guess what? it SYNCS with all of them! That means if I was daydreaming in class and had a brilliant idea, I can jot notes on my phone real quick (and hope the prof doesn’t get annoyed!) and when I get home and log into my computer, the notes I took in class will be available on my computer at home. Another cool feature is that you can get a file sent to you, be able to author it, make changes, and send it back, really quickly and that is very useful for business collaborations! This version of OneNote made some of the menus more hidden and I kind of like that because I want access to notes right away. Most android and apple products have an app for OneNote so having access is super easy.

As you can see, with my job as a blogger and as a student, Microsoft Office really comes in handy. Not only will I use it in my career after I graduate but I will always use the different program for my work at home projects as well.

Buy It: You can purchase Microsoft Office 2010 at merchandisers nationwide and also online, and right on the Microsoft Office Website. The Home and Office version retails for $199,99 for one PC license.


Product was provided to facilitate this review, opinions are my own.

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