One More Year

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Two semesters to be exact. I just registered for my 7th semester at college. Gone are the days of fun cooking classes and learning more about food. I am on my own now, I either have to study on my own time or work somewhere if I want to cook again. Considering I don’t want to work in a restaurant at this time it might be hard to get training as a personal chef. At any rate, food classes are done. The culinary kitchen at the college is done too, the idiots that run the place couldn’t wait to tear it out and make it a classroom. I may be a little bitter about it.


It isn’t because they took it down, trust me that kitchen was NOT functional and we needed a new one. What I am most mad about is that instead of investing in a new kitchen, which would have made them the ONLY cooking school in the mid state area, they bought things like empty parking lots just so they didn’t have some other company building anything near campus. What really makes me mad though is that because they gave us the boot, the people like me, who had JUST started, basically had to triple the course load and classes to fit them all in before May 2012. I had such a rough semester this past spring that I almost lost my marriage. I worked SO hard being a student and getting it done that my personal home life went to crap.

I will always try to do my best as a student. Right now it is my job, and being over 12 hours each semester it is full time. I have shed the animosity toward my college and I will forever be changed by my experiences, both good and bad, when I was in my culinary classes. I am, however, extremely happy to just have some boring classes for a change. The kind that have no drama. I hate math with a passion but it is time to finish the business part of my degree.

I am taking:

Intro Algebra (my 8th grade son is a math whiz and took this..he will tutor me if I have trouble!) M+W 12-2

Accounting Info For Management – T+TH 12:10-1:30

Principles of Marketing (I think I might like this, it will help mere here on my blog) ONLINE

Oral Communications in the Workplace (SPEECH) M+W 10:10-11:30

So it is looking like monday and wednesday I will be at school from 10-2, that is not bad at all considering my cooking classes were 7 hours long! Parking is going to suck though!

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