The Unique Challenges Of Being A Student And Mom

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Mothers have a difficult job as it is without having to tack on a bunch of other demands. Whether you work or stay at home, you’re a mother first, and being a mom while trying to increase your education through a degree program at local colleges or online universities is really hard, but not impossible. Many mothers have decided not to go back to school or put off making a decision at all. Mothers should realize that they don’t have to give up their dreams of going back to school just because someone calls them “mom.” Thousands of mothers do this every year, and if you really do want to go back to school, you should learn from their advice and follow your dreams.

Going Online

Mothers have a lot of responsibilities like any parent would, and you can’t always get away from home. Having an on site education isn’t always an option given that you have to be there for breakfast, dinner, and for everything in between. What mothers and many parents need is the flexibility to pursue their educational goals without it hindering their ability to do their full-time job, being a parent.

Online degree programs aren’t a new concept, but it’s taken them a while to build up a reputation as a respectable and legitimate educational format. By taking online courses, you can pursue many different degrees though various programs while you’re at home and tending to your parental responsibilities. This way, you’re never far from your kids or home and you can get the education that you’ve always wanted, even if it’s a higher degree.

Managing Your Time

For anyone who gives a mother tips on how to better use their time, the question often follows, “what time?” The problem is that most mothers just don’t have the luxury of having aside time to themselves. Even when you do, the moments are few and far-between, and all too brief.

If you’re married and your husband works, what you need to do is sit down and talk with him about taking a greater role as a care-giver. It’s all about teamwork, and though he might not like it, it will have to be explained that he might have to make the meals more often or spend a lot more time away from the house with the kids. This will afford you the quiet time and concentration you need to pursue a degree.

Support System

If you’re not married or simply don’t have another parent at home that you can depend on, then you need to look to your support system. If you need someone to look after your children while you’re away at school, look at local day-cares that can help. Money is likely an issue, as it is for most, so look at government assistance programs that are designed to alleviate the monetary demands of using such services. If you have family nearby, then you’ll want to look to them as well. Also if you are a single, look into scholarships. These scholarships for single moms can help you get through school.

If you have a dream of going back to school and pursuing a higher education, you have to look at the resources available to you. Creating an effective support system thorough the stages of this process is essential to keep morale high and the goals realistic. For anyone wanting to go back to school while having children in the house, it’s going to be tough. Just know that it’s not impossible and look to your loved ones for the support you need because they want you to be happy just as much as you do.



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  1. Cristine says

    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated thoughts,i am also a mother and i have the same desire to continue my studies,i think the problem of time is with every mother,but these online study programs are like best opportunities for every mother who wants to pursue her studies further,i am doing MBA right now with the help of online program,and i am able to manage my parental life also very well.Thank you for sharing such a great,valuable and inspiring thoughts with us.

    Good Luck and God Bless!

    With Regards!

  2. says

    You should be extremely proud of yourself, I can imagine the difficulties of being a Mother and a student at the same time. You must be an extremely strong willed person to achieve this.

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