Culinary Tools Of The Trade

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I’m gearing up to go back to college for my 5th semester in less than a month, and I already started investing in some newer gear. It’s not that what I had doesn’t work, its that I am trying to invest in things that I can transition from school to working and not have to upgrade right away. When I first started my culinary classes the first day, I had to sit through the chef opening up his rolling luggage and tell us everything he carries. Its a lot of stuff. I decided to get a few essentials for myself. And because I get asked what kind of tools I carry I thought I would share. These are what I am using in school but will most likely change after I am done.

1. TOOL BAG! Normally used for, well, tools, this bag opens like a doctor kit for easy access. THANK YOU chef for this idea!

2. KNIVES. I bought the kit that was offered by the hospitality club which was around $125 for a chef knife, paring, boning, carving, bread, a steel and case for them. The brand inside was Deter-Russel brand basic knives. For reference the most used knife, the chefs, in this brand retails for $29.99, absolutely starter but really good when you keep it sharp.

NOW, my knife of choice is the delicious, smooth, beautiful Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife. Compared to the Dexter, this one balances completely in your hand where the Dexter tips forward. Its heavier which is fine. It has one solid piece of steel from tip to end. I kissed this knife when it arrived yesterday.

Also from the illustrious brand that is Wusthof, I have a 7-Piece Garnishing Tool Kit

Which includes a tourne knife, which makes fancy cuts like this

garnishing and fancy cuts are essential for the class I have next, culinary artistry. Its about taking the basics to the next level. A culmination of all things we’re being taught.

And very soon I will be swapping out my paring knife for the Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife, which I will have a review/giveaway soon for!

Bread Knife (I used this to cut my shark melon and it was FANTASTIC, mine is 8 inches I think)

12 inch Carving

and keep this sucker sharp, as in steel it after every use and get uniform gorgeous cuts like:


Boning Knife (Usefeul when deboning birds! Especially cornish game hen)

Honing steel (might have to get a Wusthof one that is made for my new knives)

3. Other items in my arsenal:

Pastry Bags




Thermometer (I’m going to order another)

Extra zester

chopsticks (never know when you need fine tips to place a sliver of carrot!)


And last but not least, always a camera. I am one of the few students that takes pictures of everything.


While you don’t need all these items at home, I can assure you I do grab my knife kit when I cook because I take care of my knives and keep them sharp. And I use the thermometer at home as well. I will eventually upgrade all my knives to Wusthof until I get a decent paying gig then I will shop brands again if I need to. Its an expensive ordeal, when you consider I am just a student on a meager blogging income. $150 for ONE knife is a lot for me. But its worth it, its my future! To round out what I have, I also own 2 chef coats with my college logo, but I ordered a WOMENS cut chef coat with my name only on it last week because I don’t much care that my college is closing down my kitchen in May. Oh I have a hat too, not a full tall toque like the chef but its a hat. I personally LOVE wearing my uniform. I get called chef by passers by. I am not a chef yet, not certified but I am on my way and these tools are a must for me!


Disclosure: There are a couple affiliate links up there.

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  1. Toronto Chiropractor says

    Hi Candy,

    I love this post! Even though I’m not a chef, it’s interesting seeing what’s in your “tool kit”. Every profession comes with its pricey must-need items unfortunately. As a Chiropractor, I also had the initial investment for tools and equipment when I started my practice, but you’re right, it is for your future! Good luck with your courses!

  2. says

    Okay you’ve got me totally eyeballing that cook’s knife and bread knife. I’m still working with my Chicago Cutlery which is kinda sad really. I about lopped off a finger when my dull one slipped on an onion last night.

    • says

      I think a serrated/bread knife is essential, not just bread but it can be easier to slice tomatoes with too. If I had to pick three knives only, I would pick the chefs, paring and serrated. Which means I am going to be shopping for a Wusthof serrated now just to round out the brand collection. But honestly that Dexter one might be cheaper priced but that thing rocks. Seriously cut through watermelon like butter no joke.

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