Fall Harvest is Here! Fun Uses for Autumn Squashes

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Some of the most inexpensive and in-season produces during the fall season are squashes and pumpkins. Unfortunately, outside of pumpkin pie, very few of us actually know how to use any of these veggies, especially in a way to make them appetizing to kids. However, there are several fun, easy, and delicious ways for any busy mom to incorporate these veggies into their everyday meals:

Spaghetti, Anyone?

While pasta is a great way to whip up a quick meal, it isn’t always nutritious. Pasta, especially white pastas, are loaded down with heavy carbs and little nutritional value. However, dishes like spaghetti are often a household favorite.

Instead of using regular spaghetti noodles the next time you make pasta for dinner, consider using spaghetti squash. For a larger family, simply grab a couple of spaghetti squash, bake them, and then pull out the spaghetti-like center. You can then slather the “noodles” with your favorite pasta sauce for a much healthier version of your fam favorite.

Soup du Jour

If there is one thing my family loves during the cold weather season, it’s soup. We love to make hearty soups and sit down with our favorite panini sandwiches. Recently, I have encountered the joy of making fresh, rich soups for my family, and there are no better veggies to use for these soups than squash. Butternut squash is an all-time favorite amongst foodies, but acorn squash and even pumpkin also make great soups. They are fairly easy to prepare too.

Everyone Loves Some Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a favorite, especially amongst younger children, but they don’t always have the highest nutritional value. With the heavy dairy products that are usually incorporated to make your average potato much more enjoyable, the nutritional content is quickly overridden.

Instead of using potatoes to make your next mash, consider using Delicata squash instead. They have a great sweet potato flavor and will provide a texture that the whole family will enjoy. You can even add in cauliflower and butternut squash to enhance flavor and nutritional content.

So the next time you are at the grocery store don’t skip over the squash and pumpkins. Shop around and see if anything piques your interest. You can even look up recipes on your smart phone to help you with your selection. iPhone, Samsung, and HTC phones all have access to recipe apps so there is no excuse for avoiding a great Fall Harvest dish!


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