Get Grilling with USDA Choice Steaks From Walmart

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I don’t usually buy food at my Walmart, I have another store that I am used to buying food at but I had recently accepted the challenge of grilling in my backyard with Walmart’s new USDA Choice Steaks. These are quality steaks with nice marbling which leads to a good flavor profile. Walmart asked myself and some other bloggers to join in a live Webinar to watch Chef Eric Lackey demonstrate a couple recipes for us as we learn more about the new steak offerings from Walmart.

More about these steaks from the folks at Walmart:

  • Customers across the country can now enjoy Walmart’s premium selection and wide assortment of top quality USDA Choice steak, including T-bone, NY Strip, Filet, Rib eye, and Top Sirloin, at a great price.
  • Walmart selects the best USDA Choice cuts, tender-ages the steak to perfection, and, as we do with all our steaks, makes sure it undergoes rigorous USDA inspections for quality and safety. In fact, only 1 in 5 steaks qualify for Walmart’s USDA Choice Premium Beef label.
  • Walmart is so confident that you’ll love our top quality USDA Choice steaks that we offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied, just bring back your receipt for your money back.
  • For these fun recipes and more information, visit

Challenge Accepted. I am a mistress of the grill!


I had been eating a pescetarian diet for the last 4 months so the thought of buying meat scared me but I was able to find the steaks easily since all the choice steaks are in black packaging. I had a bit of sticker shock, since I never have paid over $10 for beef but I found a family pack of 3 big fat juicy Ribeye for $12.53. I also found a couple spices I needed for the recipes that they gave us. I did not however find the tomatoes needed because they had NONE. No big fat beefsteak tomatoes all they had were small roma size. Needless to say that was so odd!

I was asked prior to the webinar to come up with one or two questions for the chef. Do you know how hard it is to come up with questions you already know the answers to? It’s funny and peculiar at the same time but I am pretty sure I was the only other blogger there that recently finished culinary school. I asked if I needed to oil the grill prior to putting the meat on the grill and when I heard them ask the chef that I got giddy, that was my question! (Answer (you don’t have to, clean the grill well it won’t stick but it never hurts to slap a little oil on there, it helps searing)

After marinating the ingredients for the recipes I could not wait to start!

Ok so I decided I would also grill some mushrooms and other veggies while I was grilling my steaks. I made facebook people jealous when I posted a picture of my bounty on my grill

I was making them for everyone and I am the only one that likes medium rare so I compromised and made them medium well. Turns out it was a good choice the steaks were gone so fast. Honestly I was TERRIFIED to eat them because not having beef for many months could do some painful harm to my stomach but as it turns out, the difference is in the cut and this pricer than my normal cute was different. No stomach issues. It makes me want to cry with happiness because the only reason I stopped eating meat was because it gave me stomach issues!

So along with the grilled onion and tomatoes, the steaks just came out beautiful, even if i don’t have a charcoal grill. They were a huge huge hit. My kids don’t really know it wasn’t my recipe but from the compliments of both my older kids that made me feel good, I am ok telling them later that it wasn’t my recipe.

Holy mother of pearl, you can almost taste the deliciousness. That steak right there ended my pescetarian streak. I will still eat more fish than any meat because I love it but this steak surprised me in so many ways.

Buy it: As someone who as issues with meat I can say I am surprised how good this meat is and it did not give me any issues I am in love. Try it for yourself, the USDA Choice steaks are available at Walmart nationwide!

I was provided a gift card to buy the ingredients for this article, opinions are my own.

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