Watashi wa sushi ga dai-suki desu – I like Sushi Very Much!

As you can guess from the title it was long awaited and uber awesome Japanese night in class. Last semester I happened to get out of anatomy class early and smelled something wonderful off the elevator and it was coming from the kitchen. It turns out the class was making Japanese food and wow I wanted some. I visited and chef had me come in and shoved a plate of food at me. The first thing I ate was Takoyaki, which is octopus balls, as in the shape of a ball, its a pancake batter. It was absolutely delicious!

I kind of wanted to volunteer to make the Takoyaki for this class and so I did! We didn’t have any octopus so i had to use squid, and also used shrimp and corn. This is what they look like when they are cooked:


The other food I tried last semester was called Okonomiyaki. This is a pancake type presentation that has shrimp, pork, snow peas, cabbage, is cooked on a griddle and covered with Okonomiyaki sauce, green onions and benito flakes. For our class, my classmate Melissa made it. That sauce is chefs special recipe and its AMAZING. This was a BIG favorite in the class, the girl that made it did VERY well. My husband loved it.


Other foods that were made:


Stir Fry – This was SO good.


Tuna – Sashimi because its raw, but it was seared on the edges. I didn’t try this.



Last but not least, SUSHI! I never tried it before tonight and man I was missing out this stuff is GOOD. I still wasn’t brave enough to try it with the EEL in it but hubby did, he liked it!


Man this was so good and soo needed after not being able to eat much or sleep that last couple days because of the problems at college. Such a nice reward! Next week there isn’t classes because its Spring Break but I have to go in Sunday, we start practice for competition next month in Cincinnati. I will be competing in 5 course meal. And lucky for me because I am a member of the American Culinary Federation, the competition will earn me points towards my chef certification after graduation!

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  1. Victoria says

    Wow, that all looks delicious! I think it’s great you’ve tried Sushi for the first time. YUMMY!

  2. Naomi says

    Ooooo… looks good! I love Japanese food. And tuna sashimi is awesome. :) I don’t care for octopus though. LOL

  3. says

    Your husband is a very lucky man. To eat the food you are creating would be divine. I need to go eat something. Too bad its not something pictured above.

    • says

      He was VERY lucky because its the ONLY class that we were allowed to bring home food, and mostly because fish doesn’t have the same time temperature danger zone as other foods.

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