What’s Growing?

If you can believe it, we had a freaking FROST here in MI, as in it got down to 32. I didn’t cover anything the first night and lost 2 tomato plants and burned my basil badly. I think that plant is mad at me still. I cleaned it up and have my fingers crossed! We also had SIX STRAIGHT DAYS of rain that just stopped 2 days ago. CRAZY stuff! rainyleaves Here is what I have planted as of today, May 25th…   Onions are doing GREAT. I am going to share a pic soon because I planted them in dirt that I put in an old fridge! fridge onion Tomato, 3 variety of cherry (2 plants and one from seed)

Cherry Tomato in a container

Cherry Tomato in a container

…and replaced the two beefsteak that I killed, also planted seeds but not feeling great about them



Basil (this was before I frosted it almost to death) Basil, potted Rosemary (hearty! was delicious in meatloaf!

Rosemary, potted …this is a cell phone pic!

The strawberries are doing well! berries Zucchini zuke2 zuke1 Cucumbers cucumbers     Radishes radishes Beans 1969262_10152474320454686_8810397517162439928_n Also planted:

  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Watermelon
  • Pumpkin
  • Butternut Squash
  • Acorn Squash
  • Peas
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    Looks good! I think I have a bit more growth then you do! I think I may have started my nursery a bit sooner though. I was anxious to get it started! I can’t wait to see what come out in crops! We too had a late frost, but I was able to save everything with a simple old sheet over the top.. Since I am using a raised bed I am already about 5 degrees warmer then the air.. then the sheet kept the frost off and the temp in, so I was able to save everything. That was a crazy late frost though! :(
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      The tomatoes and squash are in the ground but everything else is in a raised bed or container, but my seedlings were safe in the greenhouse. My basil leaves took the worst of it, they just turned black but I was able to save it. I should have covered them the first night!

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