I Love The 2012 London Summer Olympics!

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Image Credit : ESPN.com

As I watch the medal ceremony of Michael Phelps‘ very last swim, I am emotional, just as Michael is, knowing I won’t get to enjoy watching him win gold medals in the Olympics. He was a machine. The best. I am a major fan of the summer games, much to the chagrin of my husband. He knows that every two years I will hog the TV for a couple weeks. I pretty much watch all of the ice skating and snowboarding in the winter games but I love the summer games more. I think the 2000 games in Sydney really made me a master fan. I enjoyed those games, the scenery, the fact that all the swimming was outdoors, I just became a lifelong fan.

Gymnastics is my favorite. A close second is swimming, and after that I adore track and field. A few nights ago, I became so proud of our Women’s team when they won gold, and then last night Gabby Douglas won the gold in the All Around. Tonight I watched a lot of Americans win medals in the coverage. USA is leading in medal count and I think it is awesome.

I never really saw myself as a sports nut but judging by my love of college football and adoration of the Olympics, I think the older I get, the more I become a sports fan. And you know what? I am totally cool with that!



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  1. I live in London and before the games started I was very non-plussed by it all. But since the opening ceremony and the first couiple of days the atmosphere here has been incredible.

    I was lucky enough to get tickets to one day at the Aquatic Centre and see Michael Phelps swim. I have never seen “professional” swimming up close and personal, and I was blown away. He is an incredible athlete. They all are, actually, but he was a cut above the rest.
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  2. I’ve been watching the Olympics for a while now, but I get more immersed in the games when they start telling the stories behind the athletes that are competing.
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