Halloween With Barbie Photo Fashion #BarbiePhotoFashion

I introduced you to a new Barbie a little while back, one that has a camera with different frames and functions called the Photo Fashion Barbie. My daughter Alyssa took her barbie around the week of Halloween and captured some of the festivities!

This was pumpkin carving, we used a lot more paint this year than carving actually

This was Alyssa in her Cat-erina costume she wanted me to take her picture

The cute little frames can be chosen by using the left or right arrows on the belt before hitting the button to take the picture!

I took another one right after but found this WAY cool thing that made her into 4 pictures:

And then she wanted a picture of her brother as Spider-Man:

And then even though it was raining and cold during trick or treating I quick got a photo before it was too dark!

I wish so badly she was allowed to take the Barbie to school because they had a fun Halloween party there and the photos would have been adorable I am sure. One thing I like doing is when she hands the doll over so that I can get the photos, I just move the switch on her hip to playback and I get a slideshow right on the doll. It works in reverse, playing the most recent snap first and going backward. You can start it from any photo, but it will play them in reverse order I found. No biggie really :)

Here is a video I took of me playing the slideshow. I know its hard to pick up on camera because any monitor is hard to see through a video camera but you get the gist. I think it is really neat that me and my daughter can sit and watch a show of all the photos! Especially this past week with all the Halloween fun!

You can shop for this great Barbie on the Mattel site!


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