Halloween Goodies from Avon’s Tiny Tillia and The Children’s Place!

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Looking for inspiration for this Halloween? If you are still stuck on ideas, Avon’s Tiny Tillia and The Children’s place has some uber cute Halloween outfits and accessories to make your Halloween fun! I generally have 2 costumes for each kid in the off chance they change their minds or I don’t love what I already got, and this is happening with my daughter. The costume I got her is cute but its not WOW to me. I am still looking for an alternative. I was happy when my friends at TCP sent me an email telling me about the stuff they have so I can share with you!

From Tiny Tillia:

Halloween Fun Finds from Tiny Tillia by Avon

 Although your 6-month old bundle of joy probably won’t remember their very first Halloween, you’ll be sure to go camera-crazy when they sport these cute coverall costumes from Tiny Tillia by Avon. Available in sizes for newborns to 9 months, these 100% poly micro-fleece coveralls feature adorable hoods (sporting cute animal faces and 3-D ears!). Don’t want a complete head-to-toe ensemble for your little one? Tiny Tillia offers simple alternatives that are just as sweet – My First Halloween Bib or the Halloween Sock Set. To round out the spooky fun, there’s the Halloween Memory Game, which lets little ones exercise their memory skills by matching flashcards that feature images of their favorite Tiny Tillia friends all done up in their Halloween costumes.

PRICE: Starting at just $5.99

WHERE TO FIND IT: Tinytillia.com or Avon.com

And from TCP, which makes me glad I still have a couple kids that can wear TCP!


With Halloween just around the corner, The Children’s Place has everything you need for your little ghoul or goblin. From festive graphic tees to complete head-to-toe  costumes, The Children’s Place has all their favorites for spooky fun come October 31st.

PRICE: Pieces starting at just $3.95

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Children’s Place; www.childrensplace.com


For the record I think my daughter REALLY wants to be the princess, she wants curls and everything… my 4 year old likes the dinosaur! I love the colors in the witch costume though so I am torn, because I could make some amazing bows to match that one! Decisions to make… cute stuff though!

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  1. A. Andrew says

    With Halloween so close, it is good to know that some one else other than my daughter wants to be a princess (lol).
    Those costumes look cute and the price is pretty good.

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