Best Restaurant In Lansing – Brody Hall at Michigan State University

I attend a community college. The food program at said college sucks. There is one company running the show and aside from Taco Bell and Blimpie they pretty much offer FROZEN CRAP. I once ordered something that was supposed to be a chicken sandwich and every single element, including the BUN, was frozen. If my college even had a clue they would have invested in a new kitchen for us and opening an on campus restaurant but since they are brainless and decided to let the culinary program go, the best cooks in Lansing will be flying free making lots of money at all other places besides this college. I know I sound bitter. That is because I am. You have to be a complete idiot to throw away a program that brings in the top tier of money for the college. They made a mistake and soon they will know just how big it was! Thankfully there is a college in town that actually CARES about what food is and offers its students and amazing selection of FRESH FOOD.

My menu management teacher, Tony, invites his classes to visit his other job and that is being a head honcho at Michigan State University’s food program. This guy I love because he teaches us about social responsibility and being green and using natural sources. He practices what he preaches too. Brody offers several different menu’s and kiosks and all serve real fresh food. When I visited I ate at a place that served home style rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.  When you go there it looks so much like a mall. The decor is updated for sure.



I love that most places had cute signs, and decor outside of the service area (this was the vegetarin/vegan place)

and ALL of them had a description, this one was at the noodle place my son ate at (he thought it was the COOLEST thing, seeing his food cooked right in front of him)

This dining hall includes the following venues:

  • Pangea. Made-to-order stir-fry and international cuisine
  • Ciao!. Freshly made pizza, deli sandwiches, grinders, wraps and panini
  • Dolce. MSU Bakers desserts, shakes and fruit smoothies. Also, featuring local Hudsonville Ice Cream
  • Brimstone Grille. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, grilled-to-order sandwiches and more
  • Homestyle. Comfort food with rotisserie chicken
  • Veg Out. Vegan and vegetarian entrees, vegetarian deli and juice bar
  • Boiling Point. Made-to-order pasta toss with house-made pasta
  • Cayenne’s. Made-to-order Southwestern fare with house-made tortillas
  • S2. Salads and hand-rolled sushi

I am so glad I got a glimpse at what food service is supposed to be like. Real honest food, not a bunch of gross frozen reheated food, and it was eye pleasing as well. For one price you can eat all you want, you pay as you go in and don’t have to keep swiping a card each time you want to eat something. You could literally spend an entire day in the hall and eat all three meals there.

Not only does this school serve the best tasting food (at the time I am writing this), but they are also GREEN! No pun intended (Go GREEN, Go SPARTANS!) but they seriously recycle EVERYTHING. They only are allowed one 13 gallon trash bag of trash a night, the rest is all composted and send to a local farm that feeds the worms and in turn that farm supplies MSU with fresh food. Its a beautiful thing, minimal waste, fresh food, its just amazing.

If you are visiting in East Lansing, head to Brody Hall on the MSU campus. If you ask for TONY and tell them that Candace from Serendipity Mommy sent you, you may just get a free meal, or at the very least validated parking. He is a great guy, and teacher!


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  1. John bishop says:

    I graduated from MSU in 68. I recall a campus wide food fight (mini riot) . The management put a quick stop to it. But it got out of hand in the street. Point is the whole thing started in Brody. Nice to hear a better group lives there now. At the time Fee and Akers had the reputation for best cafeterias.

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