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As a student in college, and having kids in school, I know how easy it can be for identity theft to happen. My college is not the best around for safety. They pretty much force you to get your grant and loan refunds on a debit card. That means all the money I have is on one card! Which also means I have to spend the first week going to the campus ATM to withdraw on the money because there is no way in heck I am leaving everything in one place for someone to steal..

Some common ways that thieves can get to college students include:

Wi-Fi : My college, and probably every college nationwide offer free wi-fi. However it is a public network, not secured. Even though we have to use our school credentials to log in, we are warned it is not secure. Meaning if we log onto a bank site we are taking a big risk because an attacker could hack the information!

Numbers Game – Some colleges will use your Social Security Number for your ID number. Be wary and never give that number out loud. My school assigned me a student number long ago and that number I don’t even say out loud. I often don’t trust half of the student body at my college because I just never know who is a real student and not some criminal waiting to pounce!

If there is one thing you can do to help yourself, remember that your identity is something that may not seem inportant to you as an 18 year old freshman, but if your identity is stolen, the ramifications can be disastrous for many years and put a bruise on your credit, making it hard to get a loan later. Or worse, it can stop your financial aid for college. Protect that identity like it is your family, spouse, pet etc.. One stolen it is very hard to recover!


I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to be a LifeLock Brand Ambassador, and I get to try the service first hand to see how I can get help to be proactive about protecting my identity. I look forward to learning more and sharing with you, my awesome readers, ways to help protect you too!

About LifeLock:

We do more to help protect your identity.

At LifeLock, we help protect you against more than just credit fraud, we alert you whenever we detect your personal information being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, and mortgage loans within our extensive network. If you become a victim of identity theft while you are a LifeLock member we will spend up to $1 million to hire experts, lawyers, investigators, consultants and whoever else it takes to help your recovery. Restrictions Apply. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.*

*I have received compensation for my participation as a LifeLock Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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