Changes and Winners

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As you can see there are some changes here at Serendipity Mommy! I decided it was time for an official logo and branding so I made my new logo and got a theme that is both simple and content rich on the recipe posts. I am still tweaking it to make it work how I want it to but I really like it. Things at home have not been so good, there are problems in my marriage and though going through what I have been has led me right straight back to my faith, which is a good thing, it still is not solved. I have made changes in myself that I am proud of because they will lead me to be a better person and more importantly a better mother. Not that I was bad but I had my faults of being too busy sometimes. Not anymore, I don’t care about computers and the internet as much as my kids. I think there is hope that things will be mended but if not then being a single mother of three may be in my future. Right now its transition and its hard on everyone. But I am OK, I would be lost without my faith right now so I am making my way back to life. I am not ashamed of my faith and hope to start posting more about it. I will have a wonderful witness someday of how faith, food, and family brought my life back to me.

And today I am drawing winners for all the giveaways this month. I apologize for the delay but my family comes first as you know. Winners will get an email from me, nd the names will show on the rafflcopters in each giveaway. Thank you all for your patience and support!

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Candace Reid is the owner and author of Serendipity Mommy. She is the mother of 3 and a recent college graduate having earned her Associates Degree in Business for Hospitality/Food Service Management. Candace is a member of the American Culinary Federation and is pursuing a Food Photography business. She also loves to blog about family, food, fun and photography. Email Candace


  1. You are strong. You are amazing. You will make it out in the end, regardless what ending that will be. You have many who support and love you!
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  2. Lots of prayers! If you need anything please let us know!

  3. Candice Hull says:

    The site looks wonderful and I wish you all the best in the trials you face ahead. I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. pamela james says:

    Hang in there baby!!!
    Everything will be alright!!!

  5. Life’s journey is not always on an easy path, we all fall and sometimes have to crawl at times. You will find your way and you will be better for your struggles…no matter what. After going through this myself, I found it was a wake up call to prioritize and find myself again. Being a mom, wife, friend, employee, neighbor, student…it’s hard to find your SELF within all of that. Hope you find yourself again and find God’s hand on your shoulder as you do. Godspeed hon!

  6. Karen R says:

    I’m sorry to hear this news. My prayers that things work out. You are a strong woman and don’t forget that. Best wishes.

  7. Laura Jacobson says:

    So sorry to hear all you are going thru…my prayers will be with your family!

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