Busy Moms Saving Money

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I’ve been an internet user since the days of AOL. I have been an online shopper almost the same amount of time. I began buying clothes for my kids but then branched into buying a lot of different items online. My biggest complaint is probably shipping costs so every single time I shop at an online retailer I look for coupon codes. Inevitably I google what I need and click the first site that has a coupon. But recently found a site called Coupons.Answers.com.Its a more community based coupon site where other people interact to answer questions and find the best deals. It is a child of the site answers.com which, of course, is all about questions and answers. Heck, I go to that site when I can’t remember my cooking measuring equivalents!

The first thing I noticed was that I love how the design is pleasing to the eye and not detracting from the content. The second is how I like that it is cohesive and I don’t have to search for an hour to find what I want. You have a giant search bar right at the top front and center to find what you want if it is not features and well, they feature most brand names that I shop at so it really is not hard to find a coupon code. Have I mentioned I love coupon codes? Especially free shipping ones!

And now Coupons by Answers has a Coupons Facebook App so you can get your coupons while you are already browsing on Facebook. Yes I know you are browsing there through the day I do it too! I just love that I can find coupons to my favorite retailers but also niche specific ones too.There is nothing I like more than finding a deal for my kids clothes because I have three of them and it gets expensive. I like that there is a coupon site that fills my need for the codes but also incorporates some community involvement!


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