Cheering Up A Friend

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Part of being a good friend is being there for your BFF when they’re down. It’s easy to be someone’s friend when they’re in a good place; the challenge of friendship is to be there for the person during the worst of times. Or maybe just when they need a little cheering up. Sometimes this is easy. Friend has an argument with her husband, you go out on the town for a little gal chat. Give her a shoulder to cry on—or hopefully, id it’s not that bad, maybe just to vent a little.

Other times cheering up a friend can be a bit more of a difficulty. If a friend has been struggling for a while it can feel tedious to have to constantly remind them that things will get better eventually. Especially if things aren’t getting better. Sometimes in these situations it’s best to make a subtle gesture. Send them a card or a maybe a gift. Do something personal. If the friend is religious, send him or her one of many beautiful Baptism gift baskets. Or, if the person is a big sports fan, you could send a commemorative coin or DVD of their favorite team’s season.

Or maybe it’s not about spending money at all. Sometimes the best way to cheer up a friend is just to spend some quality time together. Often times, we get in bad moods over things simply because we haven’t had the opportunity to think them out and put them into words. This can work with children too. If your kids are frustrated about something, it’s far better to talk with them about the issue than just cover it up with candy and treats. Similarly, adults need the chance to talk their troubles out, and who better to do that with than a friend?

What I recommend for people who have bummed out friends is to offer yourself as an ear. If they turn down the offer, it may just be because they’re too embarrassed or shy to talk about it. Send them a gift, with a card. This gesture will loosen them up to the prospect of talking about their problem with a friend. In the end, I guarantee you the friend will thank you. Then in the future, when you’re the one with a problem, you’ve got a shoulder to cry on.


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  1. Susan says

    It’s what friends are for, being there through the tough times. Life’s difficulties will make a significant mark towards your companionship and thus will establish a great relationship. This had been truly the real worth of a friend.

  2. Karyn18 says

    Great post! You are such a true friend Candace. And I love you for that! You really gave a true meaning of the word “friend”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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