Wearing Contacts May Make You Cry Less When Riding A Bike

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Where any sporting activity is concerned contact lenses take precedence over glasses. This is particularly true of cycling. Most simply, contact lenses don’t bounce around as conventional glasses obviously do, and there are also a host of other advantages for the cyclist including the benefits for the general comfort of your eyes.

Crying and dry eyes are a common complaint amongst cyclists which contact lenses can solve.
Contact lenses should be worn in conjunction with eye protection (rather than conventional glasses), to prevent stones or branches popping up and scraping the eyes. You won’t tend to cry as much as your eyes will be closely protected by your riding glasses instead of your less protective conventional glasses. The eyes tend to appear to cry due to the fact that they are drying out and becoming irritated. Wearing glasses alone means your eyes are exposed to winds gusting in from around the sides. A specialist combination of contact lenses and protective riding glasses means that your eyes won’t dry out so easily.

Contact lenses give the wearer a far fuller lateral field of vision; glasses don’t. Glasses involve frames and blind spots meaning lateral vision can be easily impaired whereas contact lenses give a more rounded field of vision. Contact lenses also give a better depth perception which not only increases your safety but adds to your ability to ride well.

Cycling can be a dangerous pursuit and broken glasses can be perilous. Contacts don’t carry the same threat. There is also a good argument that contacts protect your eyes better in general. With glasses, light is filtering in from all directions in the form of brightness and UVA/UVB rays. Contacts can block more UVA and UVB if they have good UV filters.
As a complete package, contact lenses and protective riding glasses are the ideal combination for those who suffer from ‘crying’ or irritated eyes. To find a wide range of contact lenses to fit your needs, check out www.getlenses.co.uk.

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