Keeping My Kids Safe From Online Creepers!

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I’ve been at this mom thing for a while. And while I have been around long enough to see the evolution of the internet go from AOL to broadband. Along with watching my kids get older, I had to take the task of keeping their safety online first and foremost. I also had to evolve that to include mobile phones. My son has a little prepaid flip phone for emergencies but even with that he has already had  calls from solicitors.

But here at home I try to seek out the best ways to practice my parental monitoring. My 2 youngest kids have software they are allowed to use for the computer like KIDOZ or ABCmouse. My teenager is allowed to surf the net but we have the highest security for him because unfortunately he has been a victim of disgusting lewd popup ads and horrible sites. Google is the worst offender sadly. But that just means we as his parents have to be diligent about making sure he isn’t seeing things that he shouldn’t be at 14 years old. We also check his histories. We got lucky recently and his computer monitor broke so he has been without a computer and honestly, he kind of likes the break from it and so do we!



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