Keeping Soft Skin In Winter

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Ok, so I just tried this Lavender Face Cream from L’Occitane and all I can really say is… why don’t they put more in the container?  It has a light and airy scent – it pretty much tickles the nose without overwhelming you (but it’s strong enough that if you aren’t into the smell of lavender it might not be for you).  It also goes on light, so your face doesn’t feel heavy and clogged while you’re wearing the cream.

It does a fantastic job– it reduced the amount of oil on my skin and left me with a feeling of freshness – not too dry, and without that gross feeling you get when there’s a nice layer of oil covering your face.  I would say this works best when not overused.  Small amounts per use will do the job (2 pumps should suffice).  Some peoples’ skin might build up a tolerance, if that happens, just take a break from it for a while – it’ll become effective again once you come back to it!

One point of note is this isn’t a sun-blocking product.  It doesn’t have an SPF and is meant for use at home, maybe during your evening or morning routine.  I haven’t heard many people complain about skin irritation, but even those who did are those with sensitive skin, and they had a better experience with this product than with many others.

Frankly, if you have oily skin or acne and you want a face cream that will go on light, keep your skin feeling good and looking good, this is definitely a good one to try – especially if you’re into French beauty products!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this great review. I will consider buying Lavender Face Cream from L’Occitane.

  3. Great health tips! Lavender is consider as herbal plants that indeed good for the skin. Thanks for the useful insight about lavender.
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  4. Really? I have never knew that lavender is good for calming aromas. This is perfect for me since I have an oily skin during summer. Thank you for sharing the information…
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  5. I love lavender and creams that aren’t oily!

  6. Me too…i really love lavender..the scent and it really good to our skin..thanks for sharing…really helpful!!!

  7. To be honest I never tried using this Lavender.I hope that in the place where I use to live should sell this beauty products.
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