Making Reality Happen – My Kitchen Renovation Plans

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It’s no secret on this blog that I have been talking about needing a kitchen upgrade. Yes many of my delicious creations have come from my way too small and ill-equipped current kitchen but as a professional, or someone who needs to hone skills at home, my kitchen isn’t cutting it by a mile. The size alone is laughable.

What I decided was that I am going to renovate. Unfortunately I am just a student and mom with a blog so I don’t have the resources to just spend $25k on a new kitchen. I do however have resources to find great deals online.  I am a huge user of Online Coupons already to save every dollar I can. So I basically will do the same thing with my renovation plans. The first thing on my mind in this renovation has been a breakfast bar and stools. We don’t have a dining room nor use a big table but need a place to eat so I am checking out Promo Codes for Kmart because they have some of the most stylish entertaining furniture pieces and accessories. No ugly stools here!

Also I want to check out some décor sets because I do have a theme in mind, French Bistro (a nod to my first chef in college who taught me French cuisine style!) and so I will be looking for some Coupons for Amazon because I get free shipping so my accessories and themed items can be collected cheaply!

For the big guns, the appliances and large pieces like kitchen islands I will probably try and find a Coupon Code for Sears because that store is my go to place for big purchases like a range or refrigerator. I am a creature of habit and prefer the customer service of stores I have used for many years!

The process is going to take forever and honestly this house is kind of flimsy so I am scared that I will have to settle for boring but functional. I am not thinking that for a second I can, on a barely there budget, have a professional magazine ready kitchen in the end. But I do want it to at least look like a tastefully decorated place that I love to be in. I have never been one to fuss over details but I will have to look at deals and discounts for Home Decorators Collection type of places to really try and shave money off the designer aspects since that can run high, like drawer pulls, they really can be expensive so finding bulk dealers would be a good idea.

I really would just love a bright and airy place that is both professional enough to produce food on a scale that I can cater events and also user friendly enough that I am not the only one using it. Just because I finished culinary school doesn’t mean I always want to cook! :)



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    Your plans sounds awesome. I so want a kitchen makeover! I like my kitchen, but it’s so small.
    Don’t forget to use ebates if you order anything online and you can get cash back. On my blog I have a link.
    BTW, I love this font. How can I get it? And think about entering some contests or contacting The FoodNetwork or DIY network.
    Your food looks so good and delicious. You could have your own show.


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