Pampers Dry Max Causing Chemical Burns?

Some San Antonio Moms are claiming the new Pampers Dry max diapers are causing chemical burns on their babies bottoms. Now let me tell you right off the bat that the ONLY time my kids ever got diaper rashes it was because of teething which changes the saliva and can make the tummy go through a lot. We never used cloth diapers because of rashes. I watched this video tonight and wonder if it is true. As a cloth diapering mom I know what kind of chemicals are in diapers. I know what kind of studies are being tested. I also know what happens when a disposable diaper is really full. Chemical gel “balls” explode inside the diaper. The chemicals in those gel balls are linked to infertility in some studies. At any rate, watch this news segment-

So what do you think? have you seen this rash?

I have heard MANY times from mom bloggers who say that they changed ALL the pampers, meaning they are now making them to hold less and sag more. In reality nobody really has time to change a diaper every single time its peed in. HOWEVER there is no reason for them to sag. When you use cloth diapers you have to change them more often. Why? BECAUSE ITS HEALTHY. Well that is one reason but the real main reason is that cloth diapers are not designed to hold 6 hours worth of anything unless they are overnight diapers. My Aiden is near 19 months now. A poll was taken recently in one of my mom groups online and they said on average they used 4-5 diapers. Ummm that averages to wearing the same diaper for six hours! No I don’t condone waking up a kid to change the diaper when they are sleeping so we’ll assume that is the 5th diaper of the day. But still, one diaper change every 4-5 hours is NOT HEALTHY. I can’t imagine letting my son sit in his waste for that long. Add in the chemicals in sposies and you can imagine what diaper rash comes from. I use cloth because its healthier and cheaper but I am not anti-sposie. I am only anti-sposie when someone tells me they only use 4 diapers a day. Wow. Even Aiden who is a very light wetter needs a pee diaper change by the third hour at the latest.

I don’t really think After hearing some comments below I DO think the diapers caused the chemical burns but in my book its just another reason why we should try to educate the general pubic to get more cloth diapers used. We need to get some natural fibers next to these kids most sensitive spots!

*Disclaimer- Wanted to reiterate I am NOT anti sposie we use Pampers Baby dry when we are taking a break from cloth!

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  1. Wow! I had not heard of this! I babysat a girl and her mom used sposies. This girl was about 15 months old at the time. She would send her daughter to me with only 2-3 diapers for a 6-9 hour day! (her hours varied by day) I was beyond shocked, but not when I saw her diaper rash. I admit, I put a tiny “guilt trip” on the mom when she picked up her daughter and saw her wearing Lizzie’s cloth diaper. I had intentionally left one sposie in the diaper bag and put cloth on this girl to prove she never packed enough diapers.

    The problem with sposies is that if you are not used to feeling what they feel like “just peed in” you can leave them on the child for super long time – 2-3 hours. With cloth you can tell right away!
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  2. This is not the first I’ve heard of the new Pampers doing this – I first read about it a couple weeks ago. We cloth diaper, and I totally agree – no matter WHAT diaper you use, your child shouldn’t be sitting in it for that long. We change on average every 2 hours unless I smell something prior to that, or she isn’t wet after 2 hours.
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  3. It’s true! And no, please do not elude that it is because the kids were left to sit in their own waste for too long. I respect your decision to cloth diaper, but just because some of us do not, doesn’t make us wrong, or make us poor parents. My daughter is 24 months and she is checked and changed if needed every 2 hours, except at night of course, when she wears an overnight diaper. She was one who developed a significant burn from these new Pampers diapers. It looked like someone had skinned her labia with a vegetable peeler and then it blistered! It was very heartbreaking for us all. It is in no way, shape, or form a “diaper rash” as Pampers has dismissed it as. She developed this within 8 hours, and 4 diapers…all the new ones. I am a medical provider myself–so I know the difference, and it’s very insulting that Pampers suggests anything otherwise.

    So while these reports are very true, please remember that people who do not cloth diaper are reading this too. Honestly if my daughter wasn’t close to potty training I would consider CDing at this point. So upset about this whole thing!

    • No no I think you missed the point before that, the point is the chemicals in the diapers are known to cause rashes. I said I am not anti sposie and I mean that. I believe most of the general public know that they should be checking those diapers. I think sposies are manufactured to hold too much and they have to use chemicals. They have to there is no other way to add absorbency.

      I have not used or seen the diapers or rashes in real life so I don’t have that kind of experience and I do feel HORRIBLE for your daughter! But please don’t think I am against all the people that don’t use cloth. Completely not the case. Cloth is better (like they say breastmilk is better) but its still a choice in the end. I hope you decided to switch to a different diaper brand after what happened with your daughter. Poor thing I feel bad for her :(

      • Oh no, I reread what I wrote and I probably came across a little crazy :) This whole subject makes me crazy cuz it has caused my daughter so much pain…I am so heartbroken in realizing that my choice has caused that. We had used Pampers exclusively since her birth. They change things from time to time…”now featuring flex-n-go” or something like that, but you don’t ever think “Wow, this new technology is sure to blister and skin my daughter’s bottom”. NEVER in a million years would I even think this possible. Of course, as soon as I heard everyone else’s stories, it was so obvious it was the diaper doing this. In our case there is no doubt in my mind. I switched to Huggies Pure & Natural instantly upon realizing that and less than 24 hours after, the blisters were already healing. She now has a slight pink mark remaining but is pain free :) My nephew has a scar from it unfortunately. I guarantee you that none of these cases were related to sitting with the same diaper for too long. It is just so upsetting. Grrr.

        Thanks for the well wishes :)

        • My husband has a theory that some of these diapers were shipped with other products perhaps causing contamination.

          And DO NOT beat yourself up! When we have sposie breaks we use Pampers Baby Dry. We’ve never had a problem either.

          And no I don’t think you leave your daughter in a pee diaper all day. And OMG about your nephew!

          I think I may change my opinion now after hearing your stories!

          • Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you very much :)

            What is worse is that Pampers has admitted that they started slipping these new Dry Max diapers in the old Cruisers boxes. Jodi Allen, who is a Pampers executive, has admitted that. Um….how can you explain that error? So people were noticing a difference and not having an obvious answer as to why until they discovered their diapers were indeed the “Dry Max” diapers marked in the old boxes. There is a whole Facebook group with 3,000+ members, all of us with very similar stories. Pictures included. Here is a link not for the faint of heart. This is not my daughter but a member of this Facebook group. My daughter’s bottom looked similar, just more contained than this poor baby.

            Your husband’s theory just may be right! Consumer Protection has launched an investigation and it is my only hope that these be recalled IMMEDIATELY before someone else has to deal with this.

            Oh–and my nephews scar from these is located on his upper leg/hip where the diaper was. That is not “diaper rash” in that location. I have also seen pics of these burns on abdomens and backs. Not “just” diaper area. So sad :(

            But I super appreciate your help in getting this word out. Knowledge is power! :)

          • Shoot that link did not work.

            Facebook Link

  4. I am visiting from Content Thursday over at Momdot and all I can say is wow! I do home daycare and I have seen more than my share of diaper rashes, unfortunately. Just when it starts to clear up, the weekend arrives and they spend more time at home and come Monday it’s the same thing over again….air it out and use Butt Paste. I understand that diapers are expensive and I too have had problems with parents not sending enough diapers so I just charge them $2 for each one that I have to use that I keep on hand. I will not let the poor children sit in a wet diaper. Now with that said I feel so bad for these babies that are getting these chemical burns and for Pampers to say that they are not using chemicals that will burn is absurd. What may NOT bother one child may just eat another child’s bottom up. It would basically work like an allergy, right? Wow, I feel so bad for these babies. Makes me think more about cloth diapers. Good thing I am 40 and having no more children.

    Here is my Content Thursday:
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  5. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  6. I have heard too, that these new pampers dry max are not a favorite amongst some. I did a giveaway for them, did not get to review any so I did not know about this from my own experience, but yikes!
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  7. When my daughter was a baby we used huggies. This was 9 years ago though. We never had no issues with diaper rash, but then again we went through more then 4 to 5 diapers a day as well. As our daughter got older though she did not go as much so we ended up going to about 6 diapers a day. Nothing worse than a leaky baby LOL
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    • I am so jealous, my daughter was a pee machine! I mean the girl would soak a diaper in 2 hours no matter if it was cloth or not. Aiden seems to be peeing more since its got warmer up here too.

  8. Yikes, I have not heard about this but seeing and hearing the stories makes my “bum” hurt. I used disposables with all of my children and we never dealt with anything that severe. Honestly, I can count on one hand the amount of diaper rashes my children had (all 3 combined). I guess we were lucky.

    Of course, Pampers were never my favorite. We were luvs users.

    I hope they figure out what is going on w/the diapers.

  9. I’ve been hearing a lot about this and I don’t know what we’re going to do. Pampers was our go to brand with little H – nothing else held all the waste in. Now with baby #2 on the way I don’t think I have enough confidence in Pampers to use them again so I’m flummoxed. We might look into using cloth. (and I was one of those psycho moms who changed the diaper if it even had a sneeze worth of pee in it! If it was wet….it was wet. Period. That thing was commin off!)

    • I am an advocate for cloth but even in my own family I have to get creative because its very hard to tell someone to use cloth to prevent rashes when thats not the reason we use cloth, kwim?

      The biggest hang up with cloth is the added laundry and care of them. They cost more up front though. But natural next to baby really is better it just depends on the kind of time you want to put in. They have HyBrids too that have a sposie earth friendly inner and you reuse the cover. I think I will post an information post to help you because its overwhelming looking into cloth for the first time!

  10. I have used Pampers with both of my children and have used the Dry Max diapers since they were released. My daughter has had one serious diaper rash that required a doctor’s visit since the change. I honestly don’t know if the new diaper are to blame or not, but I think the concerns of parents should be taken seriously. For that reason, I’m glad the CPSC is investigating.

    Here’s my post on the issue:
    .-= Kate @ The Shoppingn Mama´s last blog ..The Ellen Mother’s Day Show =-.

  11. I whole heartedly believe this is from the diapers. After using the Dry Max my daughter wound up with infected lymph nodes. Swollen, draining, needed antibiotics lymph nodes. We got three of the dry max as a sample in our baby dry box and the lymph nodes were directly after using one of these diapers. The third one I just threw away. She’s never had a diaper rash. So after using 2 sample diapers we wound up with a baby that was screaming for days on end and out $100 for the antibiotics.

  12. I saw a facebook page full of the pictures. It’s crazy! You DO need to change your kid often, regardless of cloth or disposable. But there has to be something if there are this many kids having issues with the diapers, you know? Chances are, these parents haven’t altered how often they change diapers- so why is this happening with the new Pampers and not the old ones or any other brands?
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    • Yes! Because we use Baby Dry and have no problems at all, I know they are the “lesser” quality of Pampers but we have never had problems. I am going to guess they changed the chemicals they put in there in the Dry Max ones and these poor babies I think might be having allergies to the chemical reaction when they pee.

  13. My cousin was over at my house the other day and she showed me a rash on her daughter’s vaginal area. It was HIDEOUS. Nothing like I’d ever seen. Upraised and purple – looked almost like poison ivy rash or chemical burn. It was the next day I read about Pampers causing these burns, and lo and behold, the baby was in Pampers. My cousin got rid of the Pampers, switched to Huggies. Pampers is LYING if they say their diapers aren’t causing this!

  14. Baby J's Momma says:

    I stumbled upon your blog page because I was googling “What do disposable diaper chemical burns look like?” I googled this after seeing all the chemical burn pics on facebook, which included pics from moms that use both pampers & huggies. But my son is 6 months old & has never had a problem w/pampers swaddlers, in fact I LOVE them. We have used pampers swaddlers since he was born, but have never tried the cruisers. Recently though, we used some of the newer huggies with the blueish/purple colored dye in the inside of them & he developed a blister-like bump on his bottom. Also, when I started whiping his ‘butt-hole’ (for lack of a better word) there was blood on the wipe. I’m not sure if it’s just the dye he’s sensitive to or the diaper’s chemicals? I just wanted to thank all of you for making mothers aware of these issues, because I will more than likely switch now before these problems occur.

    • My son is now five and long out of diapers but I will still stand by my statement that cloth diapers are safer, but I am super sorry about your son! My daughter couldn’t wear Luvs or Huggies at ALL she had blisters :(

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