Older Kids, Laundry Piles and Being #FreeToBe


My children are 17, 12 and 6. I am the mean mom that makes the 12 and 17 year old’s do their own laundry! I had to take care of mine when I became a teenager. I won’t ever be that mom that does loads of laundry for my kid when he is home from college. Not me. Not happening. I do, however have one little dude, 6 years old, who could care less that he is filthy. I think {Read More}

Oops I Did It Again..I’m back in College!


And just like before, I am already hitting that need to organize my time better even with just one class. I am going for my Bachelors in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media Marketing. I decided that there is a huge problem between bloggers like myself and marketing reps and advertisers over deciding that we shouldn’t get paid for advertising their content. I’ve been at this game long enough to know that the time it takes me to write {Read More}

Beat the Heat With the Right Maternity Clothes


Fun, flirty, fashionable maternity clothes give expectant and later breastfeeding mothers many options to choose from. Image by  Sara Neff via Flickr Pregnancy, any time or season of the year, can be perfectly easy, or, as it is for most women, an occasionally (if not frequently) uncomfortable adventure with your future offspring. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll surround yourself with a partner, friends and family who’ll attend to your needs and tell you – often – how gorgeous you are, {Read More}

40 Weeks the Movie contest – Win $3,000 in prizes!

Sweeps with Liz photo

I don’t know about you readers but i would LOVE to watch this, unscripted is always my favorite and even tho my baby making days are over, I love watching all things related to birth, its just so beautiful! To celebrate the release of “40 Weeks,” the first unscripted documentary celebrating pregnancy and childbirth, enter to win more than $3000 worth of products for mom and baby!   Enter at www.bigbelli.com through the end of March! For a sneak peek, click {Read More}

Out in the Sun – Enjoying a Family Vacation in the Algarve, Europe


Looking for a great destination for a family vacation in Europe? Look no further than the Algarve in Portugal. The secret to a great family holiday is keeping the kids happy and thankfully there is plenty to see and do here. Fortunately, the family activities here are geared toward both children and adults, so you can also enjoy yourself without experiencing the tantrums of a bored child! So, what are the must visit destinations for your holidays in Portugal? Water {Read More}

Epic Outdoor Activities You and Your Kids will Love


It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoorsy family or not, there are so many outdoor events and activities that you can go to that the entire family can enjoy. From concerts to running a 5k together, keeping your family active and healthy sure beats playing video games on a Sunday afternoon. So take out your calendar and figure out when you’re going to go to that surfing event while wearing your leather sandals! Outdoor activities will help you all bond {Read More}

3 Tips to Creating the Perfect Outfit for a Weekend Getaway


It’s finally happening. You and the hubby are getting away for the weekend without the kids and without any responsibilities. However, instead of feeling over-the-moon excited about your upcoming getaway, the only thought that is crossing your mind is: What am I going to wear?! If this sounds like you it’s natural that you’ll want the weekend to be just right and for you to look gorgeous. Since the weekend will only be a few days long (unless you’re taking {Read More}

New Year, New Blog and New Kids On The Block Tour!


I just love new things, don’t you? I haven’t written a personal post in a bit so I am going to try and catch you up on the latest happenings. The new year came in quietly as it usually does and I gladly stayed up to watch my favorite celeb couple Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy have that annual giant new years kiss! My birthday falls on January 6th and I got my yearly call from my mom to sing {Read More}